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Taylor Morgan T-Shirt Line

March 20, 2013

Are you a Bachelorette or Wife?!
 photo bachelor2_zpsaece4dc5.jpg
 photo wife1_zps425f5233.jpg
 photo wife2_zpsb7421bbc.jpg
 photo bachelor3_zpsb3081092.jpg photo back_zpsd62d814c.jpg photo bachelor1_zps0d54a0b8.jpg
 photo wife3_zps9c860f30.jpg
Today I would like to introduce you to the  
Taylor Morgan “Mrs.”  T-shirt Line!
I have been working on my shirts for the past few months and am so excited to share it with all of you! There are several styles in my collection, each style will be released gradually. Today you can purchase the No. 1 Wife and Bachelorette tanks in my store. Shop them here! These tanks are super comfy but chic too! Perfect for spring and summer!
So which one are you? Bachelorette or Wife?!

My Designs

life as a fashion design student

February 21, 2013

 photo 0C7B9C13-3087-4E52-B929-3BEC4E554BA8-508-000000D39A4C5945_zpsc889e0dc.jpgGathering swatches and inspiration for a spring collection.

 photo 0F4910D0-D95E-4AAD-8AF3-7226F7FF0DAF-508-000000D2CDB94198_zps21c09dd4.jpg
Making a bridal sash for a real bride of mine.
 photo CBF9DE3B-3E69-4A6C-8BF0-E1970C310763-508-000000D2BEEA2723_zps24ebc62a.jpg
And a veil for her as well! Shop my veils here!
 photo A1499DEB-2CB8-4C7E-8CD1-17393D76D193-508-000000D30C39C09E_zps23910776.jpg
Working in the color lab at school. It’s like Disneyland for designers.
 photo 9614E0F1-791C-4770-BEBC-703843AD4ECF-508-000000D4352FD5E2_zps14e1d6ba.jpg
Creating a twist dress in draping.
 photo CDF931BA-CEDA-45C3-8097-6245F3B0809E-508-000000D4D219D831_zpsc10fa49b.jpg
Frequent visits to The Met for inspiration.
 photo 42B6EE17-047D-45E8-87AD-04711F91E0ED-508-000000D414D08625_zps3ff39be7.jpg
Best marrow machine around! I like it so much that I carry it all the way to FIT.
 photo 03C8F1C7-E23A-4F26-B63A-BB559AD56D06-508-000000D2A3AF40CA_zpsc558b151.jpg
Making technical flats is my least favorite thing to do. #necessaryevil
 photo 34B9F540-8101-4DFE-BA92-56BF510AD8C5-508-000000D3B8A2D048_zpse789852e.jpg
Breath taking exhibit at FIT. Go see it if you are in the city!
 photo 8BB76BE9-4D3B-45A0-9530-54F39DCC671D-508-000000D32E0E8BD2_zps9ae881aa.jpg
The beginning of my corset, goes from this…
 photo 96147EA8-21EA-4957-8391-FC8970D8C9E2-508-000000D2B305F516_zps53348f7e.jpg
To this. Inside of the corset, work in progress.
 photo 592ACDF8-506E-468A-8BF5-289C6722CF34-508-000000D474410C8E_zpsa9f3784e.jpg
Trying to stay warm running errands. I don’t believe that groundhog, it’s still freezing here!
 photo 45DE4D81-DB5E-4966-BC20-5FC631AE96D7-508-000000D259315751_zps560b15fd.jpg
Always sleep with a sketch book near by.
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Have a great day!
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My Designs

Becoming Human Again

December 18, 2012

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I can officially say the semester is over and I am done with all my finals! Whew! I am now in the stage where I am starting to feel human again. You know, showering, sleeping, relaxing, it’s all coming back to me and it’s oh so sweet!