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My New Job…

June 26, 2013

 photo tommyhilfiger_zpsf51404ae.jpg
Tommy Hilfiger.
With much gratitude, today I am proud to officially announce my new job.
Not my job, but rather the start to my career.
I am an assistant designer for menswear
at the one, the only,
Can someone pinch me? Cause this really is a dream come true!
 I am so excited! Thank you Heavenly Father.

My Designs

Bear with me while I have no life

May 6, 2013

 photo 5E99FC36-99F1-414D-A845-3AF91D3C00F4-3363-00000390F66661B8_zps3d7913ed.jpg
 photo A5F11755-8C15-4AE2-97EC-0F7CA702E854-10915-00000B7529A6C521_zps182364ba.jpg photo DE2E8B5E-D021-47F3-AFC6-48EACE2EA9B0-10915-00000B7521A86EB4_zps54c3d2a4.jpg
 photo 6ADC20AF-CCA0-40C0-8FF3-79934E3E5062-10915-00000B7591C05C88_zps577b307e.jpg
 photo 8A2B553F-818D-40B2-A3C5-955B8E206F83-3363-00000390ED58FF05_zpscb7f2df2.jpg
It’s crunch time at FIT and I am MIA from here while I slave away on my sewing machine day and night. When I am not sewing, I am drawing for hours upon hours that seem to never end. How I managed to fit in graduation announcements in between all this craziness is beyond me. But I am happy to report they are sent and before I know it, all my family will be here with me to celebrate my graduation!! Bear with me while I have no life, I will be back soon! And for the record, I hate fluted dresses, they are miserable to make. That’s all.

My Designs

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

April 22, 2013

 photo 4_zps9df61e92.jpg

 photo 3_zpsf9ac6a22.jpg

 photo 2_zpsf6552493.jpg

 photo 1_zps4396ee90.jpg

 photo 6_zps7d976453.jpg

 photo 7_zps301a61a4.jpg

 photo 5_zps048837e9.jpg

Dress: Taylor Morgan. Belt: Taylor Morgan.

This is my graduating dress/belt for my draping class and FIT. I designed it, draped it, made patterns from the drape and sewed it. Our theme was Andy Warhol and I went with his love of stripes that he wore regularly. It’s no secret how much I love black, white and stripes and I am glad my final dress for my FIT career really showed my style. Unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen for the graduating show. I was disappointed, but you win some and you lose some in life. And while I didn’t get into the show, I am excited for the next chapter of Taylor Morgan, just getting out in the real world ready to design. I really can’t wait to be making dresses like this one for all of you…


My Designs

Make it Work!

April 4, 2013

As most of you saw on my instagram, I had a fabric crisis the past two days. I had taken my fabric to be professionally fused in the garment district and they ruined my fabric. They don’t speak very much any english at this place, so they make you stick tape on the side you don’t want fused, cause once it’s fused, it’s fused and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Anyways, they forgot to take the tape OFF before they fused it and the tape melted to my fabric. My heart SANK when I saw it…

 photo 4FCF5FF8-691A-410D-9B9A-2C03D7B25C72-1075-000000FA149CB8C2_zps56338ab1.jpg

After a long day yesterday running around the garment district, first seeing if I could buy more of my fabric (which I couldn’t cause it was sold out), then running over to the fusing house that made this mess in the first place to yell at them and get my money back, I finally figured out a solution. I demanded the guy at the fusing house give me the roll of tape he used to ruin my fabric, he was kind enough to give me a few pieces cause it was the least he could do, literally the least. When I got home I used the stickiness of the tape to lift up the tape stains on my fabric and it worked so well! Crisis averted!!


 photo 70931D82-4FB8-4C0F-9531-53F1B365F164-1075-000000FA1D4A2408_zps4fe5f7e0.jpg

This dress is for our final show and it is due Tuesday, so you probably won’t be seeing/hearing much from me while I go into sweatshop mode. I am just grateful I don’t have to start from scratch with new fabric! In the wise words of Tim Gunn, you just have to “make it work!”

See you soon!