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The Best Hair Dryer, Misikko Hana Air

February 3, 2014

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Hair Dryer: c/o Misikko Hana Air. Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger (sample). Earrings: Bauble Bar.

I have always had a cheap $10 hair dryer from good old Tar-zhay for as long as I can remember. On average it took about 20 minutes to fully dry my hair. And who really has TWENTY. MINUTES. to dry their hair almost daily? I certainly don’t, hence why I always stretch my “clean” hair standards. Don’t judge. I have always wanted a fancy dryer, but like most pricey things, I just kept putting it off.
Recently, I was so happy to be approached by Misikko to review their Hana Air Hair Dryer. And let me tell you, this dryer truly was life changing! Not only did it cut my dry time in half, but it left my hair smooth and silky after it was all dry. My old dryer would leave my hair looking like a lions mane, but not Hana Air! Hana Air makes it so that I really don’t even need to flat iron my hair. Now that is my kind of dryer!

If you are in the market for a new dryer, be sure to get Hana Air.
You will be so glad you did! Shop it here!
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Happy to be back here after almost a
two month break. Looking forward to 
a new year with exciting new things! 
Thanks for reading along! xoxo, T.

Must Have

Vint & York

December 9, 2013

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My Glasses: “Upstage” & James’ Glasses: “After Hours”

Today I am happy to share with you an amazing eye-wear company, Vint & York. Their glasses are stylish, high quality, and all at a great price! Does it get any better than that?! Each frame can be made into sunglasses as well. And best of all, Vint & York will add your prescription to your glasses! You can shop my glasses here and James’ here! Great gift for the holiday season! Happy Shopping!

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Be sure to get your TM Jewelry orders in by this Thursday
if you want your order by Christmas! Shop my jewelry here! 
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Must Have

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

November 12, 2013

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My make up brushes desperately needed to be cleaned. So I did what any girl would do these days and searched it on Pinterest. I came across a brush shampoo from bareMinerals and decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did! There are lots of make up brush cleaners out there, but I really liked how this was an actual shampoo rather than a mystery substance that looked like a household cleaner. It was easy to use and odor free. And for $14 bucks it’s a no brainer!

To use, you simply fill a cup up with warm water, add a dime size of the bareMinerals shampoo into it, and place your brush in there to soak. Another way to do it (which I preferred) is to wash it by hand under warm running water with the shampoo on the brush. This way you can really get into the brush and get all the dirt out.

After either method, you reshape your brushes by hand and lay on a towel to dry over night. In the morning it felt like I had brand new brushes! I highly recommend this make up brush cleaner to anyone looking to clean their brushes. You can shop this bareMinerals brush shampoo here!



Must Have

C.Wonder Cravings!

August 12, 2013

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It’s no secret that C.Wonder is one of my favorite stores, and currently this is what I am craving! A bike being at the top of my list now that I can ride one to work. Just need a bike first! #minordetailBe sure to check out their store here! Lots of fun new fall stuff arriving!
Anyone else as excited for fall as me?!

Happy Shopping!