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Mount Sinai’s Breast Cancer Awareness with Betsey Johnson & more

October 21, 2013

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Recently I had the honor to attend Mount Sinai’s annual Celebration of Life Gala here in the city with special guests and breast cancer survivors, Betsy Johnson and Pat Battle. It was a beautiful event with empowering stories and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to celebrate life with such wonderful people.

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The highlight of the night was being able to interview one of my all time favorite designers, Betsey Johnson! I had a one on one interview with her about her story and life. When I asked her what would be one piece of advice she would give to women going through breast cancer she said, “Just keep on dancing!” Being a dancer myself, I loved her advice. Her whole outlook when she had cancer was to act as if nothing was wrong and keep living her life. I really admire her for that. She didn’t let cancer bring her down, and in the end she beat it. I believe her sweet spirit and positive attitude helped her come out on top.

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I was also able to meet Betsey’s daughter Lulu (pictured above), who I loved! Both Betsey and her daughter were so nice and sweet. I really enjoyed talking with them.Such inspiring women!

Be sure to learn more about the event and breast cancer resources on their website here.
And if you would like to make a donation to help women going through breast cancer, please donate to Mount Sinai here. Your donation will mean so much.



I Graduated!

June 6, 2013

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Dress: Zara (old). Heels: Rachel Roy (old). Bracelet: Taylor Morgan

Celebrate good times, come on! (let that song play in your head as you read this post!). I am so happy to report that I graduated from FIT with my degree in fashion design! Yahoo! It feels so good to finally be done with college and onto really starting my career. I graduated May 23rd and had lots of family in town to celebrate, it was so much fun! I felt so loved! (Thank you to all the friends and family who took the time to send sweet cards, meant a lot!)

I would be lying if I said I have been enjoying some down time since graduation, I’m not the best at relaxing. I am pretty sure FIT is partially to blame for that. But, with each passing day, I relax a little more, slowly but surely.

I have been applying to lots of designer jobs, going on interviews and finally getting around to my spring cleaning. Things are back in order and I feel ready to start my career! I have had some great interviews this week that make me so excited for the future and what is to come. And of course, I am so happy to be back to blogging again! I’m sure you all missed me terribly (I kid, I kid!).

Change is in the air, I can just feel it!


Meeting Tim Gunn

April 26, 2013

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This week has been packed full of lots of fun events and interviews for me. But meeting Tim Gunn (twice!) in one week definitely tops everything! Last night, Bloomingdales had an amazing event for Parsons (more on that later) and also a book signing for Tim’s latest book, “Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible.” I was able to talk with Tim several times through out the night, I just love him! I have always admired him, his knowledge and experience in the industry, and have watched him for years on Project Runway. And the fact that he is so sweet and genuine makes me like him that much more. He really loves to give back to the fashion community and support up and coming designers. He gave me lots of great advice that I will take to heart and apply. I hope to know him for years to come! This week has reminded me that anything can happen and I look forward to starting my career in this great industry and exciting city!

Be sure to buy Tim’s book here! You will love it!