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September 22, 2014

I have been MIA a lot lately from my blog. In fact I have been MIA a lot from my blog ever since I started my job at Tommy over a year ago. I have found it harder and harder to consistently blog. Part of it was adjusting to corporate America and the other part was feeling like the blogging world was changing so much.

Remember when blogs weren’t a job, but just a source of inspiration and creativity? Where we all got to connect and support one another? Today, it’s all about the latest clothes, fashion week, and beautiful pictures. And I fear that the beautiful blogs that exist, ignite jealousy in readers more than positive, uplifting feelings. I have found myself at a stand still with my blog because I have felt pressure to try to stay up with the “blogging trends.” But the truth is, that is just not me. And that’s not why I started this blog.

I started this blog to share my journey of going after my dreams, in hopes that it would inspire others to go after their own dreams. I wanted to share the ups and downs, the failures and successes. Because sometimes, it’s nice to know that behind all the pretty clothes and pictures, we are all human too. We all have to get through this beautiful crazy world, and for me, blogging was a place where we could all support and uplift each other.

So bare with me while I try to figure this all out. I am not trying to be a “famous” blogger and have thousands of followers. I am just trying to share my journey. After I got my dream job at Tommy, I found it hard to blog because in some sense, I felt like, I did it. I got the dream job I always talked about, and didn’t know what to work towards anymore.

After soul searching I realized how arrogant of me it is to think I have reached it. Because if we are not progressing in life, then what are we really doing? I will admit that after starting at Tommy I got use to my new “routine” really quickly. I went to work, came home, worked out, ate dinner, hung out with my husband and repeated this every single day. I think I was so burned out from design school that I really enjoyed not having homework anymore. I got lazy. But what was I really doing to progress to my future? What was I doing to make the world a better place or simply help another? And on a professional level, what was I doing to go towards my big goals of creating my women’s wear line Taylor Morgan?

Not enough.

I did some soul searching, prayed hard and created a plan. That plan includes my dancewear brand Cove. For me Cove is the first big step towards creating Taylor Morgan down the road.

Here is what I have learned.

Each and every day counts. Do one thing a day to progress to the next day. The less you focus on yourself and try to help and serve others, the more time and means you will have to fulfill your own personal goals. Like it says in the scriptures, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” I understand more than ever how true this is. The more I make serving others a priority, the easier my own life gets. And the joy that comes from truly connecting with another human being is unreal.

So to sum up my ramblings, I hope that my small space on the internet can not only be a place where you can enjoy pretty pictures of design, nyc, fashion, etc, but also a place where we can be real about life and inspire each other to be better. I have met some amazing people from blogging, and I am so grateful for that.

I may not blog as often as I would like because I am trying to be more present wherever I am. I don’t carry a camera with me everywhere I go anymore. I don’t want to work my life around this blog, because it’s not my job, just my hobby that I enjoy. So if I feel like neglecting my blog instead of my husband, I am going to do just that.

I am so grateful for those of you I have met through this crazy little blog world and thank you for inspiring me. I love blogging, and all the pretty fancy blogs that we all read, I really do. I just am not going to be one of those blogs with new outfits everyday and the perfectly posed instagram photos. Because sometimes I like to post funny photos that may be unflattering, and I am okay with that, because that is who I really am.

I look forward to connecting with all of you more. You can follow my personal instagram @tayhartley. And if you want to see the process of me making my dancewear brand Cove, follow me at @covewearnyc.

Have a great week everyone! xoxo.



Alex and Ella

July 26, 2014

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a great new blog, Alex and Ella. These girls are adorable! I love the perspective that these young girls bring to the blogging world, they are such great role models and inspiration for girls everywhere.

Alexandra Chang and Ella Frey are the girls behind Alex and Ella and have been friends since they were three years old. They first bonded over their love for cupcakes (my kind of girls!) and afternoons spent at the beach. A decade later, their friendship has continued to blossom as they share mutual passions & interests, including fashion, art, literature, fitness, animals, and giving back. The Alex and Ella blog is their first project together and you have to check it out! You will just love them!

And a fun fact for you, Alexandra and I go back to my LA days when I was once her nanny! She is the cutest thing and I am so proud to see her pursing her dreams!

Check them out here! Have a great weekend everyone!




Wishlist: Fashion

February 24, 2014

 photo wishlist1_zpsad76af13.jpg

Right now I can’t get enough of these items on my wish list! On the top of my list, is this white one piece bathing suit. I have never really liked one pieces, but lately I seem to be obsessing over them! This one is a must buy for my 5 year anniversary trip with the hubs later this summer. What is currently on your wishlist?! Shop my wish list below…

  1. Swimsuit
  2. Black Belt
  3. Slip-on Oxfords
  4. Gold Cuff
  5. Black Jumpsuit
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Stackable Rings


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When You’re 15

October 30, 2013

 photo t19_zps90c34471.jpg

19 year old self.

Tonight I reflected on my 15 19 year old self. (I say 15 because I may or may not have been listening to Taylor Swift’s “When You’re 15” song.) But I will let you just wonder about that one. I thought about all my “unanswered” prayers that actually were answered in ways better than I could have ever dreamed up myself, because He knew better.

If I could tell my teenage self anything, it would be that life gets so much better with age. High school is harder than college. The first boy you fall in love with won’t be the one you marry, even though back then you swore you were going to marry him. But thanks to him, you will realize some bigger dreams of yours (okay so I am listening to T Swift!). You will have your heart broken, but it will be good for you. Because it’s good to know what heartbreak feels like. But you will have a best friend/roomie who will make everything better. You are more like your mother than you even know, and trust me, that’s a good thing cause her strength is something to be admired. And in the middle of it all, you will fall in love with that California boy who sweeps you off your feet when you were least expecting it. And it won’t be until then that you know true love.

The biggest thing I would want my teenage self to understand is it’s not until you find your life partner that all your real dreams will start becoming a reality. Cause you can’t do it alone, because the two of you really are a team and help each other with every.single.step. And yep, he will even move across the country for you to live out your life long dream of living in NYC. Because he understands, just as much as you, that you belong there. He will always be your biggest fan and supporter so hang on tight to him, cause he’s a keeper!

To all the teenage girls/young adults just trying to figure it all out, be patient with yourself. You don’t need all the answers, I certainly don’t have them myself. But trust in Him, cause He is the one who believes in you the most. And He just expects you to do your best. Stop comparing, don’t be jealous or frustrated. He knows you. He has a plan for you. Find joy in knowing that it is so much better than you can dream!

And remember, if you can get through high school, you can do anything.