Aladdin. Best Play on Broadway!

June 13, 2014

aladdin and jasmine

You guys, words cannot even begin to describe how amazing Aladdin on Broadway is! I have seen a lot of plays on Broadway over the years, and without hesitation, I can say that Aladdin is the best play to ever hit Broadway! Of course we all love the story, but it is the cast that truly makes the magic come to life! And the Genie, well he steals the show! I was worried I wasn’t going to like him in the play because I loved Robin Williams in the movie, but honestly, he was better than Robin Williams! He recently won a Tony for his role in the play and it is so well deserved! Honestly, I don’t know why Aladdin didn’t win more Tony’s because there is nothing better than it!

The thing I love most about this play is that you can feel how much the cast loves playing their roles! They put their hearts and souls into it. The best scene is when the Genie sings ‘(You Aint Never Had a) Friend Like Me.’ After the scene finished, the entire audience stood up for a standing ovation! In the middle of the show!! No intermission was next, it was just that good that we all wanted to stand up! I am telling you, go see Aladdin on Broadway! You won’t regret it! I would see it again and again. It truly is a whole new world!


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