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Polka Dot Bathroom

June 18, 2013

 photo polkadotbathroom_zps065a309e.jpg
For a while now I have been wanting to do something on one of our bathroom walls. Since our whole bathroom has a black and white theme, I want to do something that will carry that on. I have been obsessed with polka dot bathrooms lately. And it would be an easy DIY in a rental.
Here are pictures of our bathroom currently…
 photo bath3_zpsdf46f736.jpg
 photo bath1_zps0b70e155.jpg
 photo bath4_zpsfdc48a7b.jpg
 photo bath2_zpsb96d918e.jpg
So what do you think, yay or nay to me doing polka dots on our wall?! 

 photo polkadotbathroom_zps065a309e.jpg
Let me know what you think!

19 thoughts on “Polka Dot Bathroom

  1. DB

    I think it’d be cute, and it’d be easy to paint over once you want to move out!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. J and H from Beyond The Stoop

    measuring those babies will be a whole days work in itself!!

    super cute, but black dots will be so hard to cover though. do you have flat paint or semi-gloss paint in the bathroom? maybe you should try polka dots or another fun pattern in high gloss white paint for starters. do 1 wall, and if you like it, continue, but if you truly think the black will be better, just go over what you already have started in the white glossy paint!

    I think adding “texture” with paint instead of painting a bold color sometimes looks really really elegant.

    best of luck!

  3. Darien

    I LOVE the dots. And I have been in love with a removable wall paper that looks like this for some time, the polka dots are a bit bigger, but I am considering doing it in my kitchen or bathroom too. Right now we have wallpaper in both, so I need to do something to cover it up. 🙂 I was sad I had to leave my stripes in D.C., but always fun to find a new project. Let me know if you decide to do the polka dots and how it goes! Are you planning on wallpaper or paint or decals?

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