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June 19, 2013

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Today I am so excited to share an interview I had with Kaitlin Vandura, co-owner of Pure Barre studios here in NYC. As many of you know, I recently started Pure Barre classes two months ago and love it! It has been life changing for me and my work outs. A lot of you have asked me about it and I thought it would be best to get inside information from Kaitlin herself, who not only owns her own Pure Barre studios, but teaches as well.

For those who don’t know what Pure Barre is, what do you tell them?
The best way to describe pure barre in comparison to other popular workouts is that it is a combination of ballet, Pilates and weight work.  However, it is the unique small isometric movements designed to fatigue the muscles that make pure barre different!
What do you think are the benefits of doing Pure Barre? How do you think it’s better than just regular time at the gym?
Pure Barre is exceptional because you see results fast – usually in about 10 classes! The technique creates the long and lean muscles of a dancer through small isometric movements centered around a ballet barre.  It addresses all of the areas of the body that women struggle with in a 55-minute class by focusing on the thighs, seat, abs, and the back of the arms.  It’s simply more effective and efficient than the gym and time is precious!
What got you interested in Pure Barre? How long have you been doing it? 
After graduating from college I took the safe route and went straight into banking.  At first I enjoyed the fast paced environment but eventually the work became less challenging and I realized I wasn’t passionate about the product.  I had been an avid dancer growing up and was a member of the Dance Team in college so I decided to pursue my Pilates certification and began teaching part time.  When the opportunity to teach at Pure Barre in Charlotte, NC came up I knew I could not let it pass me by.  When my husband was transferred to New York City I decided there was no way I could move without Pure Barre and applied to start a franchise with my partner, Leslie.  I’ve been teaching for 3 years now.
What changes have you seen in yourself since starting Pure Barre? 
Arm muscles, finally!  I never had a bit of definition in my arms until I started pure barre.  Also, I’ve tightened up my midsection significantly and my seat is far more “perky” from pure barre.
How many times a week do you recommend taking Pure Barre?
3-4 minimum
Do you recommend doing cardio at the gym in addition to Pure Barre classes? If so, how often a week?
I think it really depends on the individual.  Some people love cardio and it is certainly a great complement to pure barre.  However, pure barre gets your heart rate up and a lot of clients find they don’t need to incorporate it if they attend pure barre several times a week.  My advice is if you love cardio and want to keep it up, great.  Otherwise, pure barre will provide all the benefits of a cardio workout you need.
Personally, how often do you take Pure Barre? And do you do any other workouts (such as cardio) in addition to it?
I take pure barre 4 times a week on average.  I usually do another workout class (generally cycling or Pilates) once a week to mix it up a little.  I always take 1-2 rest days per week.
It’s no secret Pure Barre is on the pricey side, but what do you tell new clients who are scared to try it because of the price?
I tell them its like a great haircut or great pair of jeans.  You have to “wear” your body every single day and taking care of it should be a priority.  The physical and mental benefits of pure barre are enormous and I think the large number of clients that sign up for our auto draft program attests to that.  We also do our best to explain all the pricing options and offer discounts for students.
Do you have any other pointers you would give people that would help them get the most out of their Pure Barre classes? 
Focus!  It’s very important to leave the stress of everyday life outside the studio.  Pure barre is 55-minutes just for YOU – give it your full mental and physical attention.  Also, have a light snack an hour or so before class to fuel.
Lastly, what do you think clients need to be doing outside of class to get the best results overall? (ex. eating wise, etc.) 
Obviously, if you follow a healthy diet you will see better results much faster.  Personally, I try and concentrate on portion control (everything in moderation), staying hydrated, and adding as many fruits and vegetables to my diet as I can.  My latest obsession is a chopped salad with romaine, grilled chicken, cucumber and avocado.  The avocado keeps me full for hours, the cucumber is super hydrating and it tastes amazing!
Thank you Kaitlin for a deeper look into Pure Barre! If you are in the NYC area be sure to try out Kaitlin & Leslie’s studios in either Union Square or on the Upper West Side. You will love it! Plus Kaitlin, Leslie, and all their staff members are extremely nice and helpful! Since starting Pure Barre 2 months  ago, I have toned up a lot. So far I have lost an inch around my waist and almost 2 inches around my thighs (heaven sent!).

Try it today! You won’t regret investing in yourself!


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  1. Briseidy

    ballet has always been a part of my life and I really loved and enjoy the barre!
    I would love tho find a class like this in Toronto

    thanks for sharing!

  2. JasonBethMicah

    Thanks for writing this post! I’ve been following your blog for awhile…and also am a Pure Barre teacher in Charlotte, NC. So I know Kaitlin!! So awesome to see the connection and that you’ve been loving Pure Barre! 🙂

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