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Bear with me while I have no life

May 6, 2013

 photo 5E99FC36-99F1-414D-A845-3AF91D3C00F4-3363-00000390F66661B8_zps3d7913ed.jpg
 photo A5F11755-8C15-4AE2-97EC-0F7CA702E854-10915-00000B7529A6C521_zps182364ba.jpg photo DE2E8B5E-D021-47F3-AFC6-48EACE2EA9B0-10915-00000B7521A86EB4_zps54c3d2a4.jpg
 photo 6ADC20AF-CCA0-40C0-8FF3-79934E3E5062-10915-00000B7591C05C88_zps577b307e.jpg
 photo 8A2B553F-818D-40B2-A3C5-955B8E206F83-3363-00000390ED58FF05_zpscb7f2df2.jpg
It’s crunch time at FIT and I am MIA from here while I slave away on my sewing machine day and night. When I am not sewing, I am drawing for hours upon hours that seem to never end. How I managed to fit in graduation announcements in between all this craziness is beyond me. But I am happy to report they are sent and before I know it, all my family will be here with me to celebrate my graduation!! Bear with me while I have no life, I will be back soon! And for the record, I hate fluted dresses, they are miserable to make. That’s all.

11 thoughts on “Bear with me while I have no life

  1. Miss Amy

    Awesome! I love how your sewing machine is at the foot of your bed. That’s probably where I’d have it too. Yes baby, you can go to bed…. while I stay up working. 😉

  2. June

    Good luck!! It may be tiring to sew but I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results once they are done. Your designs look amazing 🙂 I’d love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other??

  3. Melanie

    oh i know how you feel^^
    i graduated from fashion school last summer and it was sooo much work finishing collections, learning for exams and somehow manage to eat n sleep enough during that time^^
    wishing you all the best, it will be wort it ^^

    The Fashion Menue

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