Sweet Vacation

April 3, 2013

 photo C7D9DC9C-59BC-4757-92C2-8320C8A0B451-2249-0000020ABEC69CEC_zpsbc1bcc15.jpg
 photo 77C2AA88-DF06-40C8-AC0C-A62C161F876C-2249-00000209941EE66F_zpsf6fff075.jpg
 photo disney2_zps3ee1612e.jpg
 photo disney1_zps0ea94af9.jpg
 photo 43F3884E-85F8-4A06-A8EF-CB6F605A96EB-2249-0000020F69B1FAD5_zpsf5650882.jpg
 photo 045A0483-077E-47AF-BD27-7EB14BC46F35-2249-0000020939135459_zpsc922a91a.jpg photo E2420373-AD80-4362-8106-0CB4962285BA-2249-0000020F650FC70A_zpsa0884018.jpg
 photo 60F0C542-6621-4589-B10C-E8656DEEF8B1-2249-00000208A27E736D_zpsd05d49f4.jpg
 photo 762AC55B-5050-4B7B-9B6A-239006B2A018-2249-0000020948A82DE6_zps49638740.jpg
 photo 3464AC4B-F41E-427E-AB2D-333866FA9807-2249-0000020A1AC5F160_zpsa1b51418.jpg
 photo 56B0C26C-071A-48C4-AC52-84E67968F4E7-2249-0000020F79CB6EE3_zps3f80daf8.jpg
 photo 5DB4FA3D-3B6D-4DDD-9B95-1B1F154899CB-2249-0000020A07D3A1D4_zpsa5df1ddb.jpg
 photo 9EA7F33A-C877-440A-B0EA-5110C11EF4F9-2249-00000209F7A0B515_zpsf1789e13.jpg
 photo disney3_zps86e59053.jpg
 photo 5BFCA327-313B-4DC6-917C-D2D668955D8D-2249-0000020A5638F538_zpse2f95ecc.jpg photo 60989A89-6EE9-4791-B358-8816DB582421-2249-0000020A6F138383_zpsb772cd6a.jpg photo 8C5C45CE-6B25-4D77-9A77-5837700DC11C-2249-0000020AF0DEE3D2_zps55b04a66.jpg

Our week in Disney World was a-maz-ing! We had so much fun celebrating our birthdays. James upgraded us to a fancy resort on Disney property and it was paradise! Sitting in a hot tub at the end of every day really is how every day should end, don’t you agree?! Now it’s back to work and fighting a cold. Nothing says welcome back to reality like being sick! Only 7 weeks left and I am a free woman! Can’t wait for graduation, and already our next vacation!
Have a great day!
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9 thoughts on “Sweet Vacation

  1. Becca

    Looks like you guys had a blast!!! So glad you were able to relax and just get away. 🙂 Sorry you are sick though…seems that it happened to us too, darn these colds! :/ Let the countdown begin!!

  2. Erin

    I adore the Disney Princess rain poncho picture. Seriously, where can I get one?? I would look so stylish running around DC in one of those 😉 I’m glad you had so much fun on your vacation! Now carry that inspiration through to the end of school!

  3. Court

    Ah, I have been waiting to see more holiday pics! Looks like so much fun. I think Reese and I need to make a trip to Disneyworld now! 🙂

  4. ashley cooper

    Nice! Looks like your vacation was a good time (and I’m sure really needed with you being a busy student?!) Have a great rest of your week dear.

    -Ashley Cooper @

  5. Limefreckle

    I love Disney! Last year we went with 28 people! A bit of a nightmare trip actually, traveling with that many people isn’t easy, and it was stinkin’ hot in August…but it was still Disney so not all that bad! We stayed at Coronado springs too!!!

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