Meeting Tim Gunn

April 26, 2013

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This week has been packed full of lots of fun events and interviews for me. But meeting Tim Gunn (twice!) in one week definitely tops everything! Last night, Bloomingdales had an amazing event for Parsons (more on that later) and also a book signing for Tim’s latest book, “Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible.” I was able to talk with Tim several times through out the night, I just love him! I have always admired him, his knowledge and experience in the industry, and have watched him for years on Project Runway. And the fact that he is so sweet and genuine makes me like him that much more. He really loves to give back to the fashion community and support up and coming designers. He gave me lots of great advice that I will take to heart and apply. I hope to know him for years to come! This week has reminded me that anything can happen and I look forward to starting my career in this great industry and exciting city!

Be sure to buy Tim’s book here! You will love it!

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