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March 11, 2013

 photo 7DF2F065-F1F5-4F0E-AA7F-1FC4A2F81256-506-000000C93B866DB2_zpsd753fcad.jpg
My army of girls #sketching.
White tulips, perfection.
Grand Central. One of my favorites in the city.
Unexpected mail from Mom is always the best.
 photo F45FF660-C8AA-4BAE-B045-70A09CAFF0E2-506-000000C943464D9F_zps7682bbb7.jpg
My view while working at FIT.
Late night stroll in our hood #wallstreet
That day husband and I were twins.
Empire State of mind.
 photo F5387AE9-4F63-4175-9208-01675EC0C676-506-000000C948E3FFCE_zps8edf42a9.jpg
Saw this guy on the subway and thought that maybe, just maybe, the Adjustment Bureau is real.
Snow storm came in on Friday…
and FIT stayed open, I love commuting in storms.
100 years of Grand Central. #beautiful.
 photo B902268B-59F6-469D-A303-251757B5B161-506-000000C94EE4AEF0_zps3cf029d2.jpg
Mother nature was kind and brought the sun out on Saturday.
So we went for a stroll in the park.
I just love my city.
And sample sales at Club Monaco! Info on sale here!
Speaking of sales, I marked my leather bracelets down even more! Shop them here!
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3 thoughts on “Instantly InTouch

  1. Sarah

    Lovely photos! You caught the NYC essence perfectly. My husband and I have talked about experiencing the city life one day in the future when it is just the two of us. You make it look very appealing.:) You have a new fan (and follower). So glad to have found your lovely blog.

  2. Brian Jones

    I actually liked reading your writing content. It was a quality material. I recommend you to submit blogposts even more frequently. This way,with this kind of a blog I think you might rank higher in the search engines. I also subscribed to your RSS feed. Continue this great work!
    Marcia Moran

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