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February 21, 2013

 photo 0C7B9C13-3087-4E52-B929-3BEC4E554BA8-508-000000D39A4C5945_zpsc889e0dc.jpgGathering swatches and inspiration for a spring collection.

 photo 0F4910D0-D95E-4AAD-8AF3-7226F7FF0DAF-508-000000D2CDB94198_zps21c09dd4.jpg
Making a bridal sash for a real bride of mine.
 photo CBF9DE3B-3E69-4A6C-8BF0-E1970C310763-508-000000D2BEEA2723_zps24ebc62a.jpg
And a veil for her as well! Shop my veils here!
 photo A1499DEB-2CB8-4C7E-8CD1-17393D76D193-508-000000D30C39C09E_zps23910776.jpg
Working in the color lab at school. It’s like Disneyland for designers.
 photo 9614E0F1-791C-4770-BEBC-703843AD4ECF-508-000000D4352FD5E2_zps14e1d6ba.jpg
Creating a twist dress in draping.
 photo CDF931BA-CEDA-45C3-8097-6245F3B0809E-508-000000D4D219D831_zpsc10fa49b.jpg
Frequent visits to The Met for inspiration.
 photo 42B6EE17-047D-45E8-87AD-04711F91E0ED-508-000000D414D08625_zps3ff39be7.jpg
Best marrow machine around! I like it so much that I carry it all the way to FIT.
 photo 03C8F1C7-E23A-4F26-B63A-BB559AD56D06-508-000000D2A3AF40CA_zpsc558b151.jpg
Making technical flats is my least favorite thing to do. #necessaryevil
 photo 34B9F540-8101-4DFE-BA92-56BF510AD8C5-508-000000D3B8A2D048_zpse789852e.jpg
Breath taking exhibit at FIT. Go see it if you are in the city!
 photo 8BB76BE9-4D3B-45A0-9530-54F39DCC671D-508-000000D32E0E8BD2_zps9ae881aa.jpg
The beginning of my corset, goes from this…
 photo 96147EA8-21EA-4957-8391-FC8970D8C9E2-508-000000D2B305F516_zps53348f7e.jpg
To this. Inside of the corset, work in progress.
 photo 592ACDF8-506E-468A-8BF5-289C6722CF34-508-000000D474410C8E_zpsa9f3784e.jpg
Trying to stay warm running errands. I don’t believe that groundhog, it’s still freezing here!
 photo 45DE4D81-DB5E-4966-BC20-5FC631AE96D7-508-000000D259315751_zps560b15fd.jpg
Always sleep with a sketch book near by.
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  1. SarahLagen

    Your pictures are amazing!! I wish I was in your line of work and always being inspired!!

    Love your blog and inspiration, I’m your newest follower! Check out my blog! 🙂

  2. Brian Jones

    I actually liked reading your writing content. It was a quality material. I recommend you to submit blogposts even more frequently. This way,with this kind of a blog I think you might rank higher in the search engines. I also subscribed to your RSS feed. Continue this great work!
    Marcia Moran

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