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January 24, 2013

As a lot of you know, the hubs and I had a life changing (dramatic but true) moment when we watched Forks Over Knives last April. And ever since then we have never been the same. Each month we have become healthier, wiser about food, happier. It is safe to say now that we are full blown health nuts. And after cheating over the holidays, it feels so good to be back in our routine of clean eating.

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Juicing is one of our new found loves. We do it daily, but this week we are juicing for almost all our meals and the meals we have “eaten” have been extremely healthy. So today I have/want to share my favorite juices right now (they are that good!). First up is a drink we created called “Pear-adise.” Aren’t we so cleaver (I kid, I kid). Here are the ingredients…

– Half a cucumber
– 1 full peach
– 2 pears
– One large handful spinach
– Half a apple
(This will make enough for two drinks)
This next juice is my favorite one right now. It taste like a dessert. The peaches make the juice thicker so this one is good for when you want a heavier juice to stay fuller longer. We call this “Peachlicious.”
DSC_0678_zps6ff03a12 photo DSC_0678_zps6ff03a12.jpg
-2 peaches
-lots of red grapes (we eyeball it)
(This will make enough for two drinks)

22 thoughts on “Favorite Juicing Recipes

  1. Alyssa

    My fiance and I love to juice! We also started our desire to eat more healthy after watching Forks Over Knives. If you loved that one, you should also check out Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It will reboot your love for juicing! 🙂

  2. glamBlouse

    What is your process? Do you put ice or any type of water or almond milk in your juicer along with the fruit? What brand of juicer do you use? I would love to try these recipes!

  3. Miss Amy

    Thanks love! Does your juicer spit out all the healthy pulp though? That’s the problem with my juicer… as you know. I feel like if I wanted a full glass of juice, I’d need like 10 lbs of fruit!!

  4. Erin

    I’m excited to know you are juicing. My parents watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and then Food Matters and started juicing. My dad lost over 60 pounds and my mom lost some weight too. Both are much healthier now. It just goes to show how much good nutrition counts and can change your life. My parents are both about 50 years old, but their bodies are in great shape thanks to juicing and following a good meal plan outlined by those documentaries and books. Congrats on living a healthier lifestyle!

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