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January 31, 2013

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School started this week and I already feel in the full swing of things. Remember how I talked about our mini kitchen renovations here? Well, to my disappointment we didn’t get our subway tile done before I went back to school because we had to special order our tile. But today our tile arrived and I am hoping to do it this weekend (hear that husband?!) before school gets to crazy. I will be sure to post pictures of our kitchen once it is done! But for now, here is a look around our tiny 490 square foot apartment.
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35 thoughts on “Around the Apartment

  1. Janine

    I absolutely love this! I wish I lived somewhere as beautiful and minimalistic as this, my head might not feel so cluttered then lol.

    Janine xx
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  2. Lauren

    Good luck on the diy tile! I’m so impressed that you can do it. Can’t wait to see the finished product – I’m sure you feel the same. 🙂

  3. Anna D Kart

    Your place looks great! I don’t even know what I complain about when I think we don’t have enough space for something. 4x as big house that doesn’t look anything like your space. Great job with decor!

  4. Erin

    Your design aesthetic has inspired me in this past year with planning for tiny spaces. You’ve inspired me to make my little DC studio truly charming and beautiful but uncluttered. We are so similar in our neat freak attitude. I can’t stand when things aren’t in order! You’ve done a beautiful job and truly made an apartment into a home.

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