Andy Warhol Inspiration

January 25, 2013

 photo andy5_zps8ced2ef8.jpg

 photo andy8_zpscfae1735.jpg photo andy1_zps6a61234c.jpg

 photo andy6_zps2e89ec24.jpg
 photo andy2_zps0f6da8c8.jpg
 photo andy7_zps46437399.jpg
 photo andy4_zps6569425a.jpg

Can anyone guess the theme for my graduating collection at FIT? If you guessed Andy Warhol you are correct! I have been studying up on Mr. Warhol lately, trying to find inspiration for my designs. These are a few of my favorites. But the thing I love most about him was the way he approached art and creating. He thought all things were pretty, he always said “don’t think about making art, just get it done” (really wise words to live by as a designer), and I love that he loved boring things. I always say less is more. I can tell that I would have been good friends with Mr. Warhol.


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