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Rain Boots – Help!

November 8, 2012

Last night, on my way home from school, I found myself in the middle of the worse snow storm I have ever been in. And because of Sandy I have to walk a lot more on my commute because trains are flooded still over here, aka a long walk home with the snow owning me. It was unreal. Something straight out of a movie. My umbrella was blowing in the wrong direction, I was actually leaning into the wind as I tried to walk home and not fall. I am positive I provided lots of laughs for people passing me in cars. I found this picture to give you some what of an idea of what I must of looked like, I kid you not. Just add school bags (one of which broke mind you!) and a frantic umbrella pulling me….it was not pretty…
To top it off my Steve Madden rain boots I got just last year for Christmas have huge rips in them. These rips allowed the snow to soak and freeze my feet. My dramatic self was positive I had frost bite on my toes, positive (luckily I was wrong). When I got home to my heatless/hot waterless home I broke down! Husband was sweet and boiled water to soak my feet in but after a few seconds my feet started burning! Eventually all was well and my feet were back to just being regular cold in this freezing apartment.
Needless to say I need new rain boots ASAP. I told husband I don’t care what they cost, I need them and I need them now! But I want to make a better purchase this time. I got the ones I have because I liked the style of them better than the plain Hunter rain boots (and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why such a simple rain boot is so expensive). My current rain boots were $100ish and still didn’t hold up, I don’t want to make that mistake again.
So tell me, are Hunter’s worth their price? Are they expensive because they last? Or are they expensive because they are so trendy right now? Help me out please with your rain boot suggestions, I am open to any brand! 
And in case you are wondering, after the 5th time of my umbrella flipping in the wrong direction, I showed that umbrella who was boss and threw it in the trash. Ha! 

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  1. k8te

    i’ve been wanting to take the plunge and buy some Hunters as well, i’ll be checking back to see what people say! glad your toes survived…and really hope your heat/hot water are restored soon!!

  2. Bekah

    Hunters are definitely worth the price! I just bought mine this year and they are heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best boot purchase I have ever made!

  3. J+H @ Beyond The Stoop

    i JUST bought my hunters right before “the hunt” in NJ (big horse races where rich people schmooze and get wasted in a big muddy field instead of watching the races, i’m not one of those rich people, but my rich friends invited me). they held up to the mud, they held up to last night’s crazy snowstorm, and they are COMFY! the rubber is floppier than other rain boots, so i’m hoping they don’t crack. hunter does sell some rubber oil that you are supposed to put on them every so often so the rubber doesn’t dry out and crack, that’s probably the key to making them last so long!

    go with hunter. you’ll be happy with the choice!

    cheers 🙂

  4. fatima

    I’d check out plenty of online reviews before making the splurge! Personally, I don’t find them aesthetically very outstanding. I suppose the extravagant price is due to how long they’ll hold up, and that is something that you can only determine by reading various reviews.

    Good luck! There’s a new post up on my blog right now and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so feel free to drop by anytime!

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  5. Brooke

    Loving the Hunter boots! I saw an adorable pair with a bow on them made of ribbion~ But, I can’t find them anywhere =(

    Be careful out there in the snow!



  6. Heidi

    I have defiantly been in that situation before and it is awful! I thought I could move to Norway and survive with a pair of ran boots I bought at Target! So not smart. I bought a pair of Aigle boots, they are a originally a company from Paris I think. They are amazing! They are pricy but I have had them for three spring/winters and they look brand new. Defiantly worth it. The link I posted it the pair I have. Hope this helps.


  7. Sisters Sincere

    I personally own a pair of gifted Burberry boots and they are beyond awesome! I’ve had them for four years and I live in Florida and wear them every time it rains and they’re still in like new condition. I can’t speak for the quality of Hunter but you should check out Sperry Top-Siders – those guys know ‘wet’ and they’ve got a lot of cute options for under $100. I’ve seen them in person and the feel substantial. Hope that helps!

  8. christin

    I would recommend the Hunter’s for rain but in the snow/ice they are no bueno at all. The traction is not too great and you’ll be slipping and sliding ALL over the place.

  9. McCall

    I got a pair of The North Face snow boots a couple of years ago. They are really cute and don’t really look like snow boots. I wear them when they rain and they are just fine. The traction is great, and I want to wear them every day because they are far more comfortable than any of my other shoes. I would look and see if they have any rain boots. They are a little pricy, but have held up really well!

  10. Lindsay

    I have no personal experience with rainboots but I always hear good things about Sorels. I’m thinking they are better for snow/ice etc. But geeze, first Sandy and now this snow! So sorry lady! 🙁

  11. Josie

    I’ve had my Hunters for two years and they’ve held up beautifully — I got the green but wish I’d gone for either black or a really punchy color. I’m going to get a pair of the cable boot liners this year, though, to make them toastier. For a slightly less expensive option, the shorter ones cost less, but they definitely don’t have quite as sleek a look. Let us know what you get!
    xo Josie

  12. Dana

    Hunters are SO worth it. I have had two pairs in the past. Not because they didn’t last, but because I just felt like I needed a new color!

    They are warm, and I love the fleece socks you can buy with them for extra warmth and layers!

    I absolutely recommend a pair of Hunters, you’ll love them!

  13. Utah Girl Am I

    Have you considered investing $$ in a good pair of snow boots AND buying a pair of rain boots that is cheaper but will still keep you dry? You’ll probably need snowboots in NYC soon anyway, right? That’s what I did here in DC last year, and I don’t regret it. My snowboots keep me warm and are great even in Utah snow (for when I went home last Christmas). I bought this pair on Black Friday last year in gray. (Maybe there are other colors on different websites?)

    And my Old Navy rainboots (which I bought ON SALE for $7! work just great in the rain. I added a padded insole for comfort, and they do just fine.) Good luck! 🙂

  14. Alexis WIllow and Ivy

    Kamik’s are fun & have great patterns, etc for half the price. I can’t see spending that much for rain boots. Get snow boots for winter warmth & rain boots for lighter wet weather. You can’t go wrong that way. I wouldn’t use rain boots for the winter–not insulated enough…

  15. Clio

    As far as I know farmers who wear wellies (or rain boots as you call them!) every single day working usually choose hunters…I take it to mean that they are good quality and should last a loooong time.

    That said I haven’t taken the plunge yet!

  16. Meghan Kirkland

    I absolutely love my Hunter wellies. They are so comfortable, they’re tall so they’re great wind breakers for my legs, you can buy socks for them to make them extra warm, and they’re AMAZING quality. I mean the queen wears them. You can also get them in great colours. Mine are in turquoise 😀

  17. Juju

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. Hang in there. I recommend LL Bean. They are a lot cheaper but boy, do they last. I have them in navy blue. I also like their hunter green as well.

  18. tiny dancer

    Definitely agree with you on the splurge! I had an old pair of wellies that DIED on my during an ice storm in Ontario and then I got my Hunters and they have really lasted. I’ve had them for 3 years (going on the 4th winter now) and they are really worth the price. The only thing is that they are not warm at all. So you will have to layer or wear those hunter socks that you can buy. I’ve worn them in the winter, but froze my little toes 😛 If you want a rainboot/winter boot definitely check out Sorel. They have amazing boots. Great for Canadian winters and east coast winters 🙂


  19. Erin

    I loveeeee my hunters! I also have the fleece liners and they are so warm in the winter! They’re awesome.

  20. Lindsay

    I bought a pair of Carrini boots about three years ago, and they’re still in great shape. However, I just got a pair of fleece boot liners, and they have CHANGED MY LIFE. Not really. They just make the boots so much warmer.

  21. Ali Lindauer

    i’d owned other, cheaper pairs of rain boots and got one year or less out of them. in desperation.. and because all the trendy girls on campus wore them.. i splurged on a pair of hunter boots. 4 years later, my wellies and i are still going strong. the heels are starting to wear out because i had to learn how to walk in them without dragging my heels a little, but i was surpised to find they are double-lined with rubber in the heel. 100% worth the investment! good luck 🙂

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