Remembering Why

October 25, 2012

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Do you ever sit in silence and just be still? I got to start and end my day this way yesterday. It’s rare I know (or non-existent for my friends out there who are mother’s) but let me tell you, it was so rejuvenating.

Last night I had a lot of sketching to do. I was feeling so uninspired and it was getting really late. Husband was tired and went to bed. We live in a studio so unfortunately if one of us is up we are both up, but he tried to sleep anyways while I sketched in a small lit corner of our apartment. It was dark, with just enough light, music was blasting in my ears (you know so you can feel the music), and I was alone again with my thoughts and a sketch pad. Perfection really. Night time is my favorite time, it’s when I get my best thoughts and ideas.

As I sat there sketching I stopped to say a prayer, after my prayer I sat still to listen, you know to the big Guy upstairs. And instantly I was filled with love and was reminded of the why. Why we do what we do, day in and day out. Why we put ourselves through so much daily…

Well I don’t claim to have all the answers, not even close, but I do know we do what we do because we love it. Sometimes, more often than not, I wonder why I torture myself with a “full plate.” I always take on more than I want to it seems. But last night everything was clear. I do all this, the late nights, the long long long hours at school, the running around the city getting this and that, because I love what I do. And when you do what you love you are never really working, you are living!

So remember that all the struggles, sacrifices and hard work you are putting into what you really want in life, is worth it. Because it’s what you love, that’s the why. And love is always worth fighting for.

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