My Testimony

October 4, 2012


On the first Sunday of every month, my church has what we call a fast and testimony meeting. On this Sunday anyone who feels inspired can get up and share their testimony with the congregation. So seeing that it is the beginning of a new month (can’t believe it’s already October!) I want to share my testimony with you today. It’s just that so many wonderful things have been happening, I have seen tiny miracles daily, and I would feel ungrateful if I didn’t share with all of you what I have learned and know to be true…
  1. God knows each and every single one of us better than we will ever know ourselves. He knows what you are going through and is watching out for you. Keep strong and stay faithful. He hears you and loves you.
  2. Stop praying for what you thinkΒ is best and ask for his will, because I can promise you that when he blesses you it will be everything you wanted and more. #guarantee. The blessings I have seen from him recently blow my mind at how aware he is of me. And I know he is just as aware of you!
  3. Have faith, He can’t bless you without it. Your faith literally gives Him the power to bless you!
  4. Don’t waste your energy. Any energy you spend hating on someone or something can be positive energy spent on doing your own thing. #donthate #celebrate
  5. When you are in the service of others you truly are in the service of God.
  6. Give give give, even if you have a little. If you don’t give when you have a little, you won’t give when you have a lot. Heavenly Father will give you back what you gave and then some.
  7. Your Father in Heaven is so active in your life daily. If you think he is not there, think again.
  8. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Because of him we can get home someday. He is the reason.
  9. Life isn’t about your worldly success. If you want to know if you are doing well then ask yourself “have I helped anyone today?” Help each other daily, big or small, it’s all good!
  10. Above all, when your priorities are straight, your life is so much easier. When you put others before yourself God truly makes up for the rest. This is the biggest lesson I have learned this month. I am not perfect by any means. But I have been trying this out daily and it has made a HUGE difference. I feel more love, peace and strength than ever before, and I know it is a gift from above.
Lets all remember what is most important in life. Don’t put negative energy out in the world because it will only come back to you. Stay positive, uplift and learn from each other. Let’s all tackle this crazy thing we call life together, what do you say?!

25 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. Kirsten

    I agree, God does knows us completely. He created us. Psalm 139 says it all so beautifully.

    But, your number three I disagree with. Nothing I do GIVES God power. He already possesses power and might. He is the creator of everything. God is because He is before the creation of everything. He can give US power, but God does not NEED anything. But, He DESIRES us. He LOVES us. But, without us, He is still God. Our job is to honor and glorify Him.


    1. Debbie

      Not to pur words in Taylor’s mouth… but I think maybe she meant that our FAITH puts US in a ready state to accept His blessings! Sometimes we are blinded, and can’t even see all the blessings around us! Faith and humility opens our heart, mind and soul to allow Him in… He definitely possesses Almighty, Everlasting Power… it is US that need to be open to Him. He is ready, willing and WAITING for us…

      Does that make sense?

      All my best… Debbie

  2. Perpetuity

    Beautiful and inspiring! Fast Sundays are my favorite and I love the strength you get from hearing anothers testimony. I wish I was more confidant to get up there more. I totally understand what you were saying about faith, its essential to receiving all the wonderful gifts we are promised!

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