Hurricane Sandy Mandatory Evacuation

October 29, 2012

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Leaving our building last night before the subways closed.
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A very empty Times Square last night.
I am sure most of you have heard of Hurricane Sandy that is headed our way here in NYC. It is suppose to be a really bad storm with lots of flooding here on the island. Since we live at the tip of the island in “zone A” (only time you don’t want to be associated with the letter A) we had a mandatory evacuation yesterday. Subways and bridges are closed, schools and work are canceled, no one is going anywhere today.
 So we are enjoying a little stay-cation in a hotel by Times Square while we wait for this storm to really hit us tonight. Today will be a day spent filling Taylor Morgan Jewelry orders (yes we brought the essentials!). If you have ordered from me recently, all orders will be shipping later this week when the storm passes. And if you order today, your order will ship quickly to you as it will go out with the others later this week. Stay safe my fellow East coasters. Hope everyone is having a less hectic Monday than us New Yorkers!
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