The Silver Lining

August 6, 2012

I started this blog to share my journey with all of you while I go after my dreams of owning and running my own label Taylor Morgan. I wanted (and hope) my blog to be a place where people would not only learn about me, but more importantly would be inspired to go after their own dreams, whatever they may be. I don’t just share all the good in my life but my struggles as well. I am not here to pretend that it’s easy to go after what you want, because it’s not. But I can promise you that if you keep going with a willing heart then things will happen for you.
After this last semester I found out that I was maxed out on student loans. I couldn’t get anymore. I was devastated and scared that I couldn’t finish what I set out to do. But I reminded myself that fear is the opposite of faith. So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and turned it over to the big guy upstairs. I knew I was where God wanted me to be, so I put all my faith in him that things would work out. After all, he had gotten us this far and I knew it wasn’t the end. We needed a miracle to be able to pay for my tuition out of pocket and continue paying our bills which are crazy expensive. My rent is more than most people’s mortgages (welcome to NYC!).
And what would you know, we didn’t know how it was going to happen, but Heavenly Father blessed us immensely so that we could pay for my tuition and our bills and have money left over. Miracles happen my friends. Let me tell you this, we are starving students in NYC, we just get by, but the important thing is that we do get by and are more than fine. There are silver linings in all things and the blessings we were given this past month were our own silver linings that paid for my tuition. I am so grateful.

97 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. Rebecca E

    I am glad you found a way to continue pursuing your dreams! It is a long tough road but it sounds like you are doing a great job and have a wonderful support system! Love the bracelet, I have it up on FB and Pinterest. Good luck!

  2. Alissa

    Oh I feel your pain about the student loans! I am getting close and I completely understand what that feeling is like. I want to win this wonderful bracelet!

  3. Former Parades

    Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing! Your shoes are so gorgeous. 🙂 So is the bracelet, I’d love to have it!

    I’m following you now! Not just for the give away but your blog is just amazing! I’m not able to pin you on pinterest yet as I don’t have an account yet but I requested one so I’ll pin you as soon as I’ve got my account! I hope this is enough to enter the competition! 🙂

    X Saskia

  4. Kiara

    I found your blog a short time ago and have already been greatly inspired to go after my dream. Your work is not going unnoticed and you are doing a great job Taylor! Keep believing that you God has you where he wants you and trusting in him and you will do great things. Winning your bracelet would be a great way to remind myself to do the same. 🙂

  5. melifaif

    I love the story behind the bracelet!!!!! Those silver linigs….you gotta love em. Very happy for you. And I would be very happy to wear that amazing jewelry. It is very ME. Thanks for the chance. Of course I follow your blog.

  6. Uncover Fashion

    I follow you on blogger!

    I wanted to say though, that if I don’t win I am going to purchase one of your bracelets! You are talented and I understand the struggles of paying your way throough school and the roadblock that I would face if my loans/money that I have saved has run out.

    Your talented!

    XO A

  7. GabbyGz

    I loved your post. I’m glad everything worked out for you and I’m sure there’s nothing but good thing coming your way! You’re such a beautiful person inside and out, so I’m definitely sure that you’ll get what you deserve and what you’ve worked so hará for!

    Anyway, I’m here to participate on your wonderful giveaway!
    I follow your blog by mail and I pinned your picture.


    gabriela.gutierrez at live dot com

  8. lalageorgia

    What an inspiration! You’re words were powerful thank you for sharing such intimate times in your life. It makes your blog so personal and honest! I would love a chance to win your bracelet!



  9. Kailee

    Wow, that is really amazing! I admire you so much for really chasing after your dreams and trusting in God all along the way. I was just worrying about all this stuff and your post was a reminder that if I have God on my side then I really don’t have to worry. I really needed this, so thanks 🙂 And I follow, pinned on pinterest, and obviously want it!!

  10. Ali Lindauer

    I know exactly how you feel! Paying for college and bills when there is no one to help you is HARD! I did it, and I have faith that you can, too! Get it girl, and never stop believing 🙂

    The bracelet is beautiful and I would be honored to wear it as a pledge of sisterhood!

    I pinned it, and I follow you via bloglovin!

  11. Lauren

    I’m reading 1,000 gifts and a line in the book really hit home: “Perhaps the opposite of faith is not doubt. Perhaps the opposite of faith is fear.” I love when a message keeps popping up all over the place. It makes me feel like God really does hear us and is communicating with us.

    So glad to hear everything worked out for you! It’s amazing what a bit of Faith can do!

  12. Stevie

    This past entire week I visited NYC for the VERY first time. I wore your gold chunky bracelet every single day. It has become a staple in my wardrobe, and I got atleast seven compliments on it. I told everybody that it was actually by an FIT student named Taylor Morgan and directed them to your Etsy store.

    For obvious reasons, I would LOVE this bracelet. I love the design and feel of it. But regardless, I want you to know that you have this amazing dream, and it really is coming to life. The Taylor Morgan name is already out there spreading. The obstacles just make you enjoy the high points that much more. Keep it up!! I will be following your line forever 🙂

  13. ExpressWashed

    Love the bracelet – totally would love to win it. MORE IMPORTANTLY – the purse. I’m dying to find the perfect cross body bad and this is it?! How long ago did you get it?

  14. HMB

    I’m so glad it’s worked out for you this semester! It can be so stressful trying to get by in a big city but it always seems to work out 🙂

    I love love love the bracelet! And pinned it!

  15. Jennifer P

    Amazing giveaway! I would loveee to win this bracelet – you are so talented. Thanks for the opportunity! Oh, and I follow you on google reader! Thanks again.

  16. Lys

    Oh I just love it when things work out! Happy for you.

    I also love this bracelet. Silver is my kinda gold. If that makes sense.

    Pinned it.

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