hold your friends a little tighter

August 1, 2012


When I was 18 I moved to Hollywood right out of high school to dance professionally. I was lucky to make great friends quickly and make the best memories. We were young, full of hope and love and lived life to the fullest. We would do stupid things like dress up in old dance costumes and walk around Hollywood Blvd. just because (pic of above!). I was lucky to have my two old roommates, Andrea and Jordan, on our cruise with us two weeks ago. We spent a day together before the cruise, just us girls reminiscing of the “old days” and our friends we love. This past weekend one of those friends was tragically taken from us. I still can’t wrap my mind around it completely, it’s my first friend I have lost. Her passing just reminds me to cherish my friendships more. Stay in touch. Make the effort to call, not just text. None of us are promised tomorrow. Rest in peace our sweet friend, you were so so loved and I know you are looking down from Heaven above.


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