Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks

August 3, 2012

Fashion Star is my new favorite design show. For me it blows Project Runway way out of the water because it really makes things happen for the winner and makes their designs available in stores the next day! If you haven’t seen the show, you can learn more about it here. After watching it’s first season this past year, I decided that I want to go on Fashion Star and win (got to set the bar high my friends!).

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So yesterday, I was in the garment district buying fabric as usual when I ran into Kara Laricks, the winner of Fashion Star! For me, this is better than meeting any “celebrity.” I approached her and talked with her for a while about the show and what she is up to. She was so incredibly nice and really took the time to talk with me (and take pictures cause I was that excited to meet her!). It was great to hear from the winner herself about the show and ask about the details of it all since I want to apply.

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Kara said that being on Fashion Star was such a great experience and she encouraged me to apply for it. She said the show has been extremely supportive and helpful getting her line going. I look forward to seeing where Kara’s line goes, I know it will go far. She will be debuting her collection at New York Fashion Week this fall. And as for me, I will be applying for not season 2 of Fashion Star, but season 3 after I graduate this May. Is it May yet? I can’t wait!
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Terrible picture of me, but I don’t care cause it’s with Kara Laricks! Love her!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks

  1. Beth

    Oh wow, that’s so so exciting! Definitely better than meeting a celebrity! And my god! 6 million? I think I just fainted a little!
    Is that show available to watch in the UK?

  2. Lori Supek

    OMG, I’m dying! I love her… I totally wanted her to win, I love her style! So jelly! I hope you get to be on there! Love Fashion Star!

  3. Erin

    That’s so neat! I know she hasn’t been the best role model in recent years, but I think I might just about die if I ever met Miley Cyrus. We’re the exact same age and I loved her show when I was younger. I would probably cry!

  4. Kailee

    Wow, that is really cool! That’s great to here that she’s down to earth and took pictures with you! I love it when “famous people” are nice. You should totally audition, I hope you get in! I think I’ll start watching it…I watch Project Runway which I really LOVE, if you don’t watch that one I’d recommend it. Anyways, that is really cool and good luck with your designs and sewing 🙂 Oh and was this in Mood Fabrics?

  5. Lys

    Oh I love Fashion Star! And I’m not even very interested in fashion, as a general rule. Ha. But I was so so happy that Kara won; my whole family loved her the whole time.

    I’ll be rooting for you! Good luck!!

  6. Meg {henninglove}

    that is so cool you met her. she seemed so nice on the show and i loved fashion star. i have never watched project runway but i tuned in each week to fashion star. i hope they have another episode

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