Teaching Dance in Arizona – Dance Studio 111

July 24, 2012

Hi friends! It’s been awhile! After an amazing week on a cruise and weekend in Disneyland, I am now in Arizona teaching master dance classes for the week at Dance Studio 111. I have lots to catch up on, but had to share these pictures of me teaching my baby sister, Avery, yesterday. She was in one of my classes and my Aunt Tabby took amazing pictures of it. It was such a treat to teach my little sister, she is growing up so fast and becoming an amazing little dancer, I am so proud! She is the blonde one in the hot pink top. I just love her.


13 thoughts on “Teaching Dance in Arizona – Dance Studio 111

  1. Erin

    Awesome bracelet! Though I’m personally a sucker for gold. I love these pictures and the fact that you’re a dancer. Dancing is so strong in my blood. I really miss it! I’m hoping to enroll in some pilates and yoga classes once I settle down in a more permanent home and then get into some adult ballet classes. I sure do miss the whole atmosphere. Glad to see you still getting to do what you love! xx

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