DIY Canvas Picture (only $10!)

July 9, 2012

I have been wanting to hang a picture up of the Temple James and I were married at in Newport Beach, California for a while now. We have a great picture we got for our wedding of it, but it doesn’t go in our current place. I wanted something really clean and modern looking. A few months back I came across this tutorial on Little Green Notebook and thought it was perfect, just what I was looking for! And I love when you can do it yourself (and for cheap!). I switched mine up a bit from Jenny’s and used a canvas instead of foamboard since I was making mine smaller than hers. Plus I love a good canvas! I got this canvas for $8 at my local art supply store.

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I googled vintage looking pictures of the Newport Beach Temple. Once I found one I liked I  resized it in photoshop to fit my canvas and changed it to black and white to give it the vintage feel I wanted. I saved the image to my USB and took it to FedEx to have them print it. They print the black and whites on their blueprint machine and depending on the size of our picture it will cost $2-4 dollars. Mine was only $2 since my picture was 16″ by 20.” They can print them much bigger though.
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I used spray glue to put my picture onto the canvas. I thought it would hold better than the double stick tape Jenny used on hers, but if I had to do it over again I think I would have gone with the double stick tape like she did. Would have been easier with the same result. Sweet husband helped me glue it down in our hallway.
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Next was painting the edges. I choose a bright orange (even though it looks red in pictures). I love it, it gives our place a fun but subtle pop of color!
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Painting complete! Hanging up in our bedroom area.

32 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Picture (only $10!)

  1. Alissa

    I’ve seen things similar to this on Pinterest (of course) but I didn’t quiet trust their instructions. I really think yours turned out great!

  2. Jamie

    This is so great! Very creative. Josh and I got sealed in the Newport temple as well, so I will have to try something similar to this! I love it, very creative. I love your posts and pins on pinterest, what a fun life you have!

  3. Luna

    that’s such a great idea! I love how you decorated your room to be so worldly and then have such an amazing view of the city out your window. It’s always great to see other NYC based bloggers! xx

  4. Perpetuity

    I love how that turned out! I’ve seen these don’t but have been convinced it would be a pain. Now I’m inspired! Beautiful temple, but aren’t they all!!

  5. Natalie

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your link.
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and you have 1 new follower!
    The temple that you got married in is so beautiful & what a lovely idea for a canvas!
    N xoxo

  6. Lily

    Such a fun project. I’m in need of some new wall art and I just might have to try this myself! I’m so glad you liked my blog, your’s is so charming. I’m your newest fan, can’t wait to see what you post next. You’re welcome to follow back 🙂


  7. Katness

    That’s a great deco tip! I have so many empty canvases in our storage room that I need to do something about. And love your bedroom. Very cute and comfy. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Terri

    Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now
    and finally got the courage to go ahead
    and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted tto tell you keep
    up the good work!

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