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New Adventures

June 20, 2012

Top: American Apparel. Skirt: Soluna. Belt: C Wonder. Bracelet:Taylor Morgan. Sunglasses: Gap. Purse/Watch: Michael Kors.

Recently I have been blessed with a great opportunity to work as a pattern-maker for a company here in NYC (insert happy dance!). I am not going to give details yet, but let’s just say it’s the perfect fit for me. It combines both of my worlds, dance and fashion, together. I have been wanting a pattern-making job so I can start gaining real life experience outside of school, and this job didn’t just fill that need but gave me something I am really passionate about. Last night I was talking with my mentor from FIT about all of it, and then it hit me that someday I won’t just be a student with dreams but a designer living out her dreams daily. As cheesy as it sounds, dreams really can come true. Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life. Just go for it!


31 thoughts on “New Adventures

  1. ChinkyGirLMeL

    OMG! What an exciting adventure. Congratulations on that job! Now a days it is hard to find a job but to actually get a job doing what you love to do is just such a blessing! Wow! I am so happy and excited for you. =)

  2. Ashley

    First, I love this green top. Total perfection.

    Second, please tell us soon where it is. I’m hoping for a dance company or something. Too exciting!!

  3. Whitney

    I’m so happy for you, Taylor! You are right…dreams can come true and you have certainly earned them. 🙂

    My goal is to have hair as long as yours..seriously, you look so sleek and gorgeous!

  4. Lindsay

    How exciting! Not many people can say they are living their dream…So good for you and congrats! *And this color is great on you. 🙂

  5. Lauren

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

    Love this outfit on you. I love this color green but I’m always afraid of it on me. It looks perfect on you 🙂

  6. Fiona Black

    That’s a gorgeous outfit. Really lovely blouse and in a stunning color. Would have loved to see the shoes and all of the skirt too. Do you have any full shots of the whole outfit?

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