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May 7, 2012

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Had a draping test this morning. Our teacher gave each of us a picture of a jacket and we had about 2 and half hours to drape the entire thing with no notes. About an hour into it I realized I was doing the wrong collar. Sweet. Had to start over from scratch. Felt like I was on Project Runway with the time crunch brought upon me by my stupid mistake. Got down to the wire and finished everything but ran out of time to pin the actual sleeve onto the jacket. I only get A’s in her class but I am pretty sure she hates me. She is going to have a field day grading this mess of mine. Great start Monday!

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  1. Jerilyn

    Ooh bummer. 🙁 But it’s true, it happens to everyone and its frustrating but you just have to move on. Sounds like you do amazingly so I’m sure you have some leeway for things like that. Just think, the stress is almost over!! <3 ya sis!

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