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May 11, 2012

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Running errands in the garment district. Daily.
 Good morning from FIT.
Photoshop class.
Timesquare. You are my favorite.
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Barbie exhibit at FIT. Toy design would be fun.
I love a clean, well made bed.
Wavy hair & polka dots.
New favorite cereal. Build your own. Recipehere.
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Things to do in the next week. It’s only half of it.
Only on Wall Street would you see this.
I love Trinity Church. So pretty.
Clean sheet night is the best!
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One of my best friends, Rique, was in town. Love her!
Coffee Shop is the best diner in NYC. Get the pancakes!
Foggy days lately here in the city.
I want a cruiser to ride in Central Park.
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Worn in NYC floors. I love the “old” feel this city has sometimes.
Behind the scenes in the garment district. Getting fabric fused.
This man was playing “Three Little Birds” on his Jamaican sounding drum. New favorite song!
Cute stationary Rique got me from an antique store.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Do something fun for me please!
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23 thoughts on “Life Lately Via Instagram

  1. Freya Lily

    I stayed in the Garment District for a few days when I was in NYC and I loved it! I loved walking by all the shops with their rolls and rolls of fabric. Loving your photos!


    Love the peak inside your world! I agree about coffee shop. And so funny you mention the Barbie exhibit. A friend was just telling me about it before. He went there last night to see. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  3. Ben & Cassie

    That fabric store looks like you could be there for hours, your instagrams are vastly more exciting than mine! Your blog is like watching sex and the city! (that is a compliment, i love that show)

  4. Jax

    I totally need to check out The Coffee Shop! Breakfast is the best meal of the day! Love that you’re from NY. Your blog is awesome! Following 🙂

  5. Amy Nguyen

    These are really great shots! Can’t wait to visit NYC again sometime. I own the same cruiser with a similar wicker basket! The bike’s a great value, just $80 🙂

  6. Svenja

    thank you for commenting on my blog. i love your pictures, especially because i am visiting new york in august, i am sooo excited :))
    hugs, svenja

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