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May 2, 2012

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James and I are turning into those people we use to make fun of. The people who ate things that looked like bird seeds and organic everything. Now we are not going crazy on the “organic” part per say but we are loading up on lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Eating lots of whole grain is kind of new for us. We are also really limiting our meat in take. It all started after we watched this movie called “Forks over Knives.” If you haven’t watched it, you should. The movie promotes a plant based diet. We don’t think we can ever give up fish and meat all together but we are eating it more sparingly and are incorporating a lot of the plant based diet into our lives. What are your thoughts on meats, dairy, fruits, grains, etc, etc?! If you have any yummy healthy recipes you like, please share! We would love to try them out!

16 thoughts on “Health Nuts

  1. Lemanie

    Good for you taking on a healthier diet!! I’ve been trying to eat less red meat & pork & switch to chicken or fish (Not shrimp). It’s hard because it’s protein. But I’ve switched my snacks to fruit & veggie based. There is a website called “Whole Living” by Martha Stewart and she outlines a very healthy diet w/ lil red meat & the health benefits she lists are incredible. Definitely check it out!

    Good luck!

    Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

  2. Gayle GWishlist

    I wish I had the money to shop at Whole Foods and eat organic only…
    We eat a lot of chicken on the grill, or broiled in over, roasted veggies in the oven with rice.

  3. Dani

    My boyfriend and I watched Food Inc. a few months (and then Forks Over Knives, and a half a dozen other documentaries Netflix told us we had to watch haha). TOTALLY changed how we saw food. We buy/eat mostly fruits and vegetables and beans and whole grains, with some fish thrown in there sometimes when we are craving meat. And the rewards your body feels are SO worth it!

    GREAT post! 🙂


  4. safire

    I definitely eat a more plant-based diet but by no means am I 100% vegetarian. I do enjoy my legumes and tofu though throughout the week!

    Your produce hoard looks divine!

  5. Amanda

    Wahoo! Good for you guys! I watched Forks Over Knives in December and haven’t had any meat since. It completely changed my life. I thought it would be much harder to give meat up but I don’t miss it. I now have more energy and my skin and hair are much healthier. I haven’t gotten sick (knock on wood) and my attitude and life outlook has even improved.

    I’m starting to post more vegetarian recipes that I’ve been trying on my blog. My latest one and my reaction to Forks Over Knives is here:

  6. Freya Lily

    I have a lot of friends who are vegetarians and vegans while am so the opposite. But I enjoy entertaining the idea of becoming one. I think I could do it sparingly. I just love fish and meats too much!

  7. Dancing Branflake

    Okay, I am sooo interested in all you’re cooking! I’ve been wanting to go most vegetarian for a while- meat just weighs me down. I love how I feel after I eat veggies. Now, just getting my man to do the same is almost impossible.

  8. Anna-Lena

    wonderful post! we´re doing the same! eating more healthy is so important…you don´t need so much meat and fish as all advertisement says….So thumps up for you hun :)!!! Would be a pleasure to read a delicious recipe..hugs!

  9. Em-Jae

    Good for you! I love it.

    I really like “Forks over Knives,” and I totally agree: everyone should watch it. It definitely makes you think!!

  10. Ben & Cassie

    We are trying to do the same thing and that documentary is enough to never want to eat meat again! I am in love with southwest quinoa salad right now, just search it on pinterest, it is my go-to healthy meal!

  11. Ashley

    I’m trying to get healthier as well! I’m taking the plunge now and watching Forks Over Knives, thanks for the push! I finally have a great job after being unemployed for a few months so now I will be able to afford it much easier!

  12. Emily

    Way to go! I’m loving mango quinoa salad by our best bites. 🙂 I also halve or third our portions of meat (way easier when it’s chopped up meat or ground meat) and try to use it more as flavoring rather than main course.

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