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a glimpse into the future

May 4, 2012

Things are in full swing at FIT with all our final projects due in the next two weeks. Pretty sure the entire school is stressed and pulling late nights regularly. But when I watch a video like the one below, I am reminded of what is to come in my future and why we all work so hard at FIT. I love my school and feel so honored to get to study where a lot of the greatest designers got their training from themselves. This video is of the graduating students from this year who were selected to be in the show. I will be one of those students in the show someday. Got to set the bar high for yourself! This video motivates me to keep on going! Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “a glimpse into the future

  1. J+H @ Beyond The Stoop

    you should also read up on the story of nari manivong of NAHM. it’s a pretty inspiring story. he’s teamed up with ali hilfiger (AH, and NM, hence “NAHM”) and their line is sold in a few stores in NYC (i think? not sure about a current line). he’s a childhood friend of my boyfriend.

    cheers to the weekend!

  2. Tessa:

    The video is great. I think it would be fantastic to see your own designs coming down the runway in a few years. If you’re in it in the future, you are going to show it right?!

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