Fashion Show at Lincoln Center

May 22, 2012

First and foremost let me say I AM FREE! Free at last from the most intense semester of my life. I feel that a million pounds has been lifted off my shoulders. I still had nightmares though last night that I was late to class and it was going to hurt my grade (if you are late to class at FIT they drop you down a letter grade) so clearly from my dreams, I think it’s going to take a little time for me to be fully relaxed.

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Today however, I am here, at Lincoln Center. Where I am working on a fashion show with the CFDA! Dream come true to work with the CFDA! If you don’t know who the CFDA are and you like fashion then you are not with the program! 😉 You can check them out here. I can’t wait to see what the day brings with them. And here is the best part, as a thank you for helping them, I get two tickets to fashion week here in NYC in the fall. Amazing! Hope all of you have a wonderful day, can’t wait to reconnect with all of you now that I am a free woman! 

 Lots of love,

11 thoughts on “Fashion Show at Lincoln Center

  1. Andrea

    congrats on being done w/ this semester! sounds like an amazing opportunity to work w/ the CFDA! Can’t wait to see pictures & hear about how it goes.

  2. Beverly

    isn’t it funny how it takes awhile to fully relax?!?! it’s a wierd (but good) transition to make when you’re constantly up late or worried about deadlines!! now you can fully relax and get yo’ fashion on! have fun today!


  3. Shawnee

    omg! that’s so awesome you got to help out – and fashion week tickets?! beyond jealous:) congrats and welcome to summertime!:) xo

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