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One of Those Weekends

April 24, 2012

Taylor Morgan Design
Fit- Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Design

Well I spent the weekend drawing, sketching, coloring, cutting and pasting! We had a large art project from my fashion illustration class. The task was choose a movie and design all our illustrations to fit in with that movie. Drawing can take so much time. No matter how fast I try to get them done, the time always seems to fly by so fast. I did pretty good with my time management, because I only had to stay up until 1:00am on Sunday night to finish my project! … That beats my usual 3 or 4am!

At least I was able to take a break on Saturday and ride the Ikea ferry on a beautiful day to go get some dinner!


22 thoughts on “One of Those Weekends

  1. J+H @ Beyond The Stoop

    whaaat? ikea FERRY!!?? i think i need to make a trip to this ikea just for the ferry ride 😉

    i always go to the one in newark by the airport. usually a crazy place, and it’s in a very industrial area, but SO nice to drive there in 15 minutes!

  2. KatXoXo

    your sketches are amazing!! Your so lucky to be in design school!! I wanted to go to art school but my family was so negative about it that I chickended out!! Lovely blog hun 🙂


    haha im a bit of a last minute gal myself unfortunately but your illustrations turned out beautiful. Im a bit of a sucker for illustrations so its nice to see someone taking the time to develop their own fashion drawing style too.

    Eeli xo

  4. Beverly

    I just read your ABOUT page… and I think you’re amazing!! Looks like we’re from the same hood 🙂 I’m currently “temporarily” in Oregon, but I was born and raised in Southern Cali!! Glendora and Carson to be specific… but I sooo miss LA!! Sounds like you’re on a great progressing journey with your dresses and veils!!

    Have a great day and so glad I found you on here!


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