a lesson from a four year old

April 18, 2012

Yesterday when I was on the subway a mother got on with her baby boy in a stroller and her 4 year old little girl. The train was crowded and she told her little girl to sit in a seat by me. There were a few empty seats in between me and the little girl but before I knew it this little girl had inched her way over to be sitting right beside me. She tapped my arm and asked me my name. We introduced ourselves to each other and I thought that would be the end of it. She continued to tap me and ask me questions and tell me about herself and her family. She was so sweet, she brought such a smile to my face in the middle of a very long day for me.
As her stop came she got off her seat and said to me cheerfully with a big wave “bye Taylor!” I said goodbye and then she said something I will probably never forget, “thanks for talking to me.” She exited and as the train pulled away I saw her still looking at me with the biggest smile, waving and screaming “bye Taylor have a good day!”
This sweet little girl reminded me of how easy it is to be nice to people and how easy it is to befriend someone. I love how kids see only the good in people. They assume everyone is friend worthy and treat everyone as such. So why do we make it so complicated as adults? Why can it be harder making friends as we get older? I hope to be more like this little girl.

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  1. J+H @ Beyond The Stoop

    The biggest change my boyfriend as I had to get used moving to this area is the attitude of people here. We still treat people with friendliness and respect as most Midwesterners do, and get SO excited when it is returned by a stranger (actually happened two days ago on a walk, a stranger walking his dog so JOYfully said ‘hello there!’ out of genuine kindness.. The bf kept talking about it all night!!)

  2. Karolina

    Thats a really lovely story, funny simillar happended to me today, I was sitting on a bench after (food) shopping and little boy was driving his bicycle with his mother, right after seeing me he screamed: I wish you a great day! His mother looked really suprised and wished me the same, that was so cute that I couldn’t stop smiling, those little random things made really my day, so I do really understand you and I wish you a great week Taylor.

  3. Megan Muller

    That was so sweet! I had a similar experience at a pizzeria in town. My boyfriend had just broken up with me the weekend prior, and one Saturday I spent the entire day crying, looking at memories from our relationship, and decluttering my closet. I went to local pizzeria for some food without make-up on and wearing dirty sweats. A little girl with her mom and sister walked in and the little girl kept looking at me curiously so I said “Hi.” She said hello and asked me my name. Then she looked at my so sincerely and said “You are really beautiful. Mommy, isn’t this lady beautiful?”

    Still brings tears to my eyes. It was just what I needed at just the right time. Kids are the greatest 🙂

    xo Meg

  4. Miss K

    Nice! As adults we tend to overcomplicate our lives and are so full of prejudice. Would be nice to live carefree like a four-year-old. Even if it was just for a day.

  5. Lau Figueiredo

    I loved your story!! It’s so true, kids are so nice to everyone, and talk to everyone the same and and we were like that too but as we grow old we loose that thing about us.


  6. Perpetuity

    Oh to be innocent and nonjudmental as a child! Theyre so precious and pure of heart. Thanks for this thought…one to always strive to work on!


  7. Sam

    Awww, this is such a sweet story. To that little girl you giving her that attention and chatting to her must have been the highlight of her entire world that day. So heartwarming!

  8. Jayme and Mendi

    This was a great post and one that I’m so glad I got to read this morning. The innocence of a child…I wish more adults had this. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and commenting (love that you got the red TOMS). We are happy to be following you!! Hope we stay in touch.
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Jessica @ Here(and)Now

    oh my goodness, what a wonderful story. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget about appreciating the little moments and enjoying the others around us! A good life lesson from a 4 year old
    Thanks for sharing

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