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April 16, 2012


My dream job is to be a housewife/fashion designer from home. I don’t want to work for anyone but myself, set my own schedule and do my own thing. And I don’t know why being a housewife these days gets such a bad wrap? I love to clean, cook, take care of my home, sew and all that home making stuff. And I love to design and make clothes. Few years from now I picture James and I in a beautiful apartment in the city with me working at home, designing clothes and kicking butt with Taylor Morgan, while I stay home full time with kiddies (but those kiddies will be a while from now!). For me I just want to put my family first and enjoy making dresses for all of you ladies! What’s your dream job? How do you feel about being a housewife?


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  1. Hannah

    i agree that it’s wrong that being a housewife is frowned upon. women shouldn’t be judged for choosing a family over their career! i’m not sure about whether it would appeal to me, but working for myself definitely sounds good!


  2. Miss Amy

    At some point, I’ll transition back in to private aviation part time. House wife the rest of the time. 😉 That way I get the best of both worlds – travel and freedom to choose my schedule with my hubby. 🙂 Corporate America/sitting at a desk is not for me anymore!!!

  3. thenewlime

    I agree! Housewife does get a bad rap thanks to television, but that is what I want to be! I am looking forward to waking up making breakfast, raising my children, craft time, snack time, gardening the whole deal! Kids are still way WAY in the future for me and mine but it is fun to dream! I plan to do freelance graphic design from my house also.

  4. Melissa

    I think it is sad that people frown upon people who want to stay home to take care of their home/children. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to stay home full-time. Ideally, I’d like to work part-time and stay home part-time…I’m guessing that is going to change when I actually have children though! 🙂

  5. Maria

    I am actively working on a “work from home” plan — although I’m not a wife, house or otherwise. 🙂 After years dealing with other people’s need to create drama instead of actually doing any work, I want to set my own hours and my own priorities.

  6. KATE V

    It’s so nice to have though about your dream job and trying to achieve it! My own dream job is to become a phycologist for young people but I also want to become a stylist! I’m trying my best to achieve one of them or both 😉

    Kisses xx

  7. Elise

    I’m hoping to work from home – a little more part-time. I love being at home and creating a clean, loving space to nurture my husbands needs. There is really something comforting about a clean home, a homemade meal and encouraging words being spoken (as much as possible). In a perfect world, I would knit and bake and blog all day, but for now, I have to make money somehow. I do hope to blog in the future!
    I think your dream is lovely – you can easily accomplish that!

  8. J+H @ Beyond The Stoop

    i want to be a writer. a columnist to be exact. from home. blogging has brought out a fun feeling in me, and i get excited to write and edit photos. i daydream about the idea of making my own hours, or sitting in a cafe to do my work instead of in my plain jane cubical that’s a 45 minute drive from home.

    …too bad it terrifies me to leave my super-structured-but-(sometimes)-totally-rewarding engineer position.

  9. MissesJu

    Same here! My dream is similar to yours, to be a housewife and work from home as an architect 😉

    It’s nice to know other women that love to be a housewife, I thought I was the only one haha 😀

    xx Ju

  10. Dazz

    Thank you so much sweetie 🙂 Your dream is really lovely, it is rare to bump into a woman who wants to stay home and cook and clean and all that stuff! And becoming a fashion designer, mhhhm. Hope your dreams will come true 🙂

  11. zlittlesavingwithstyle

    That’s my dream too. But I don’t have kid. I want to do my own business at home. Stay at home with my own schedule and be my own boss. Isn’t that nice?

    Being a house wife is an honorable job. It’s more difficult than a career woman. When you are a mother you becoming an influence, a role model for a another human being (your children). You part of another human being future characteristic. I think that’s a really important work itself. I think being a mom is a ministry. A role God gives to you. And in His eyes that role is valuable.


  12. Perpetuity

    There are days where I cant lie I get ansy and think about all those great jobs Id love to have. Then one minute later Im having a special moment with one of my kids and realize that for now this is what is important for them and truth be told I wouldnt change that for anything. Having the best of both worlds would be awesome!


  13. LV

    That sounds like a dream job to me too! I definitely can get on board with working for yourself. I am trying to get there myself:-)

  14. Laura

    There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife. That’s my dream as well. Spending time in my beautiful home, making the best of the day with the kids and working part-time. Oh, beautiful day dreams….
    And your dresses are gorgeous!

  15. TheTinyHeart

    My dream would be to own my own little clothing boutique! But for now I have to settle for being a social worker 🙂 Being a housewife wouldn’t be a bad gig either…but I think I’d get bored after a little while.

    The Tiny Heart

  16. Miss Top Ten Image

    Hello Taylor!!

    Thanks a lot for visiting and leave your comment on my blog!! I find yours very interesting so you have a new follower!! Hope you follow me back!!!
    BTW I completely agree with you about being a housewife. What’s wrong with that? My dream job is to be a full time image consultant and personal shopper, something that I can’t afford for the moment. But I’m really working hard to achieve it!!

  17. Quiana

    I used to work FT in advertising and once having my daughter have stayed home with her (she’s now 20 months old). Having been on both sides of the fence I think a combo of 3 days with her and 2 days focusing on my home-based business while she is with a nanny would be ideal. I definitely like the best of both worlds! BTW I love the picture of that office – is it yours? Totally pin-worthy =)

  18. Mimi Finerty

    Indeed, when you declare you wouldnt mind, or even would actively like to be a housewife, many people give you funny looks, like your crazy for not wanting to be a money driven 12 hours day working power women. Im in black hole at the moment about what to do with my life and how I can create something of my own to be proud of. Love reading your blog and this post totally gels in my brain. 🙂

    P.s your bridal line looks gorgeous!!

  19. melifaif

    First of all…I have great faith that your housewife/fashion designer dream will come true!!!!! 🙂 And I, myself, would love to be a full time photographer!!!! I’ll keep working hard and we shall see where my path leads me to…

  20. Shawnee

    i love this and totally agree!! as i grow older (19 years haha) i find myself enjoying spending time at home more and more!! i love crafting, cooking, baking, sewing…my dream is to be able to work from home as well with my own schedule:) xoxo

  21. HMB

    I’m right there with you as long as staying home involves some sort of creative (and, fingers crossed, succesful!) business!

  22. ElsaD

    Right! I say that working from home is the ‘new corner office.’ I dream of becoming a full-time writer (books, magazines…) and organize my working hours throughout the day at my convenience! It’s my fantasy! Dreams come true! xoxo

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