Molly’s Cupcakes

March 21, 2012

NYC is known for good food and treats. When tourist come in town they always want to go to a popular cupcake shop, Magnolia Bakery. I never understood the hype about Magnolia’s. It’s good, but nothing special. Then recently, I came across Molly’s Cupcakes and Magnolia’s cannot even compare to this place. Molly’s is beyond amazing! We picked up these cupcakes for James’ birthday last weekend…

Chocolate with cream cheese frosting, Cookie Monster, Cookies-n-Cream, and Boston Cream

At Molly’s you can order their center filled cupcakes or build your own cupcake. I like both options. So far my favorite center filled one is the Boston Cream. And my favorite build your own is the chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. So delicious!


How cute are their chairs at the milk bar? Oh yes, they serve milk with your cupcakes too! How great is that?! You can also sit down and enjoy playing board games while you eat your treats in their game corner. This place has it all!
The best part is, their cupcakes are reasonably priced! Much better pricing than Magnolia, and it’s a bigger and better cupcake. Win, win. We may just have to go back here to get some more for my birthday tomorrow. It’s a sweets week at the Hartley house when our birthdays roll around!

Be sure to check out Molly’s Cupcakes next time you are in the city, and if you live here get over there asap! You won’t regret it!

228 bleecker street new york city new york 10014

24 thoughts on “Molly’s Cupcakes

  1. Ashley

    I’m always craving a cupcake. I’ve definitely been to Magnolia (isn’t that the one in Sex and the City?) but will be trying this place when I go up in August!

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