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March 9, 2012

PhotobucketA rainy but pretty day in the city.

I love to see the Temple.

Lunch outside Trinity Church.

Cute aprons from Anthropologie.


Day date with hubby to Museum of Natural History. One of my favorite things to do in NYC.


De Gennaro Ristorante is my new favorite restaurant in Little Italy. I think I want to go back for my birthday dinner in two weeks!

Gelato in Little Italy for dessert.

Hours of sketching..

Results in pencil all over my hands and face. Husband thought it was hilarious.


For weeks I had this flyer on our frig, excited to meet Brad Goreski.

Then I got stuck in draping and the line closed to meet him. There is the back of him at least!

The draping class that kept me busy.

Cute or ugly H from Anthropologie?! I thought it might be funky and fun for the apartment? Can’t decide. Help.


After a stressful 12 hour day with school and work husband surprised me with an apartment full of flowers and candles.

Followed by a yummy shrimp dinner (my fav!) and a chocolate shake. Thanks babe!

Gym time. I love my Nike’s!

A needle went right through my skin. Typical.


Only on Wall Street would their bike racks be shaped like money.

Pinkberry in between classes. 13 hours straight at school is a long day and Pinkberry helps!

Dinner at Shake Shack.

Just kickin it with one of my favorite friend’s, Henry on Wall Street. Read about our “just kick it” story here.


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33 thoughts on “Life Lately Via Instagram

  1. Ewa Prokopczuk

    If only there was a Pinkberry anywhere near my school, 8 Am – 8 PM might be more humane.

    You make NYC look like a lot of fun. I’ve never been, but my list of places and things to see when I finally visit keeps growing astronomically.

    🙂 Ewa

  2. melifaif

    I am loving those aprons AND the H…I say go for it! And lol on the sketching aftermath. Proves you are working hard, me likey. 🙂 Cheers to a lovely weekend.

  3. thenewlime

    Those aprons are adorable!!
    H – Do it!! Its bright and fun! Take it down later if you get sick of it.
    You’re pretty lucky to have a hubby like that! Surprises rock!
    Wish Pinkberry was in Canada, looks yummy!

  4. eLi

    It seems that you spent a really good days! And the detail of your husband of putting flowers in your appartment… that’s so sweet!


  5. Ashley

    Fantastic pictures!! I think the H is super cute.

    Also, I love the pic of the temple. I’m in NC, but me and my sis were visiting not too long ago, and were 2 people shy of getting in to Regis and Kelly. We were SO mad, but rounded the corner to see the temple!! How fantastic.

  6. Daisy

    Those aprons are so cute, at first glance I thought they were girls dresses.
    I kind of like the “h”, it’s very funky.
    How sweet of your husband to decorate the house with candles, very thoughtful of him.
    Ouch on the needle!
    Thanks for stopping by mine earlier.
    Really like your blog and that wedding dress a few pages down is AMAZING!!!!
    Following you now.

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