Dear Me

March 7, 2012


Dear Me,Cut yourself some slack, you are so hard on yourself sometimes. I know you feel pressure more than you ever have as you financially put yourself through school full time and try to survive in the most expensive city in the country. It’s not easy. But you are doing it. I know that second semester is known as that semester that is the hardest of them all at FIT, hang in there, May will be here soon. You had to start working this semester to help your family stay above water and I know it was the worse semester to have to start working but you will survive. People have managed much worse.

Try not to envy your friends who don’t have to worry about money and get to just enjoy being a student. Your struggles will give you strength and build your character in ways that are priceless. And in the end, when you have reached your goals, you will look back at this time, reflect on these struggles and feel so much joy in what you have done because it wasn’t easy getting there, but you did it.

Find comfort in knowing you are on Heavenly Father’s path for you and he is happy with what you are trying to accomplish. He is with you, and for that reason, you cannot and will not fail.

And on a sweet note, be grateful you have a husband who appreciates all you are trying to do. Never forget his sweet gestures he does for you all the time to make you happy. Like last night when you came home after a 12 hour day of school and work, and he had dinner made for you with candles all around the apartment lit with rose petals everywhere just because he wanted to cheer you up. And to top it off he made you a chocolate shake. He’s a keeper.

Stop feeling bad for yourself and get out there and tackle your challenges. You have been given so much and you can do it.



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