What I Love About Taylor – By Husband

February 13, 2012


Happy Valentines Week! This is James, Taylor’s husband talking. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I can express my true lovey dovey feelings without worrying about the integrity of my manhood! I love this girl more than anything and the second I met her is when everything in my life came together… she completes me…cheesy but true.
So here are a FEW things I LOVE about her! There are MANY more but I am trying to keep it short since it’s a blog post, not a book.

1. A spot for everything – She is a great organizer and keeps our apartment clean & organized to the point that sometimes I need a mini orientation with her when I forget little things like which way the handle on our hot chocolate mugs faces or if the hair spray goes to the left or right side of the lotion. It’s adorably specific!

2. Don’t do the laundry! – I tried to help her fold laundry once right after we got married, and she yelled at me to stop because she liked doing it. She actually LIKES to do it.. don’t have to tell me twice.
3. She Likes me! … No, she “Like Likes” me. I can’t figure out why, for the life of me, but I am not going push it. I am perfectly happy with her illusion! …Oh and I “like like” her back…
4. She lets me creep on her: creepy but true – Sometimes (and by that I mean every single morning) I stare at her because I honestly love her so much and she is adorable. Also when when she is walking, eating, watching tv, cooking, sitting, standing, talking, and not talking… I creep on her. But that’s ok because I am bound to her for eternity, so I think that’s ok. I think it’s one of the perks that comes along with promising your forever to someone…
5. Trophy Wife! – ok, I know. That’s a shallow male perspective… But I don’t care! I love it! She is gorgeous!
6. Haha! – She is funny! She makes me laugh a lot. And it’s not the courteous, “have to laugh to be nice or for flirting purposes” kind of laugh. She straight up cracks me up… and it’s hilarious!
7. Get it? – She does. She gets me. I don’t have to explain things to her. She just understands. She knows! We communicate on a higher level… Sometimes we use words too, but mostly just subtle eye movements and eyebrow twitches.
8. BFF – She is my greatest friend. I love hanging out with her.
9. Cooking: Or should I say cookie-ing – Either way she cooks great meals and great desserts. Since being married I have never eaten so many healthy meals and vegetables… I have also never eaten so make cookies and brownies. So I think it evens out right?
10. Dance! – Sure Taylor was a professional dancer in LA and appeared in a Miley Cyrus music video, danced for Nike in Vegas, and did numerous other gigs as a dancer, but I am not talking about that. It’s her “I won” dance that she does that melts my heart. When she beats me at a game or discovers she’s right and I’m wrong, she does it… Occasionally when we are both excited about something, I will join her…and it is a joyous occasion.
(In case your wondering what that looks like… Point your two index fingers in the air. Bend your elbows and straighten it with your fingers pointing toward the sky. Alternate your right and left arms whilst marching in place with your knees in an out-word motion. Do all this while grinning ear to ear adorably… I’ll get her to do it on camera some time… )
Thank you for listening, That is all.

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