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The One Room Challenge: Hanging the T.V.

February 16, 2012

Good morning friends! I am a day behind on my One Room Challenge (opps!) husband and I celebrated our “dating” anniversary last night and that took priority! But today I am here to catch up!

After I finished painting our new dresser we were left with this…


I really wanted the T.V. to be mounted on the wall with NO wires showing! It was expensive to hire an electrician so James was Mr. Handy Man and did it himself! He did great…


Then it was up…


Next came time to decorate the top. I wanted a cute little lamp for it and ventured to Target to find one. It came between these two…


And then it was all complete and we are in love with it! Hanging the T.V. made us feel like we got a whole new T.V. We love watching shows on it!!

And I just love those frames my Grandmother gave me when I went to visit her this summer. They are my favorite!

Next week we will be revealing the rest of the renovations to the room, a change in pillows, and an entire video tour of our apartment! It will be our own version of Cribs!


21 thoughts on “The One Room Challenge: Hanging the T.V.

  1. My Crafty Home-Life

    I have been married too long. Dating Anniversary? I think we met in April, but I can’t remember the date….oh well. I am so impressed. I hate wires, too. This is fantastic. I am assuming that you don’t rent? Otherwise, holes in the wall? Your lamp choice is perfect, and the red roses are just a lovely touch. Have a good day at school.


    What a good hubby. Looks gorgeous – my boyfriend and I watch HGTV whenever we can. It’s romantic 🙂

    One suggestion? I think another lamp – matching – would really set your look off. Mirrored design will make your apt look seriously styled.


  3. Taylor Morgan

    Thanks patty! I have one right next to it(can’t see in this picture) but you will see it next week when I show the whole room. It’s a tiny studio apartment so I have to be careful not to over crowd but for any other (bigger) place I live that idea! 🙂

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