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One Room Challenge Finale: My Crib

February 22, 2012

Well ladies and gentelman, we are at the end of the six week One Room Challenge, where myself and fourteen other bloggers redid a room in our house. I choose my living room which looked very plain before like this…


And then transformed into this…

But let’s take a tour around the whole place…

Thanks for stopping by my crib! Have a great Wednesday everyone!




28 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Finale: My Crib

  1. Heather

    What a fun video! I love your cute little apartment. Youve done a great job decorating it and making it functional! On a whole other note, I have that cute lace f21 dress you were wearing. It has yet to make its Perpetuity debut 🙂


  2. insideways

    Gosh that dresser made such a huge difference. Such a great find!! You have a beautifully elegant style and I think you made awesome changes to this room. Well done!!

  3. My Crafty Home-Life

    Taylor’s In The House!! OK, you were worried about this 6 weeks age…you ROCKED the challenge! On Cribs, they show us what is in your fridge…I love the entire apartment. You are super talented with design of all kinds. That dresser idea came together well. Snaps to hubby for the swing-arm tv in the bedroom. I love the video idea, so original.

  4. melifaif

    Your apt. is adorable. And wow! I knew NYC had small spaces….but wowsa. Kudos to you…you rocked it out. Really lovely space. Great views is an understatement. 🙂

  5. kittykerri

    I love how homey & spacious your apartment looks even though it’s actually pretty small & you don’t have a lot of room. It always looks so much bigger when you show photos of it. The living room & bedroom area is to die for! Looks great!!

  6. L!$@

    Your apartment looks awesome! Do you guys own it? or are you renting? I only ask because here if you’re renting you basically can’t do anything to an apartment unless you get permission etc.

  7. Janet @ House Four

    Love your apartment Taylor! So much fun that you did a video…good thinking! I will never comain about closet space again after seeingthis. You are seriously organized! did a fabulous job. I love the dresser andyour wall stripes 🙂

  8. Nana Moon Shop

    Taylor your apartment is positively adorable! It is so bright! That dresser your have in the living room is just perfect! I love your striped walls! Kudos to your husband/camera guy, what a great job!

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