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February 17, 2012

Oxford Shoes.

Textile homework at Starbucks with my black & white hot chocolate.


Zip car to Costco. Such a treat!
Sewing. Love my pockets on my red pants.

Fancy Smancy event at FIT Museum. Paparazzi, limos, and all.

Carting up all the food from our Costco run.

Random heads on a gate. Why not.

Running errands in the Garment District.

Sweet reminder from Anthropologie that my birthday is next month.

Yummy yummy dinner!! I love cooking.


Good morning FIT!

Hello my love!

Beautiful roses from the Mr.

Can’t get enough of my Valentine surprise.


Covergirl doing makeup in a van outside FIT.

Surprised husband with Knicks tickets for V-day/Anniversary.

Happy four years together!

Burning fibers in textiles late last night.
I am so ready for a long weekend. FIT has been killing me with the homework. Didn’t the semester just start? Things are in full swing already! Here’s to hoping I get everything done quickly so my brain can shut off for bit. But who am I kidding, my brain never stops.
Happy President’s Day Weekend!
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32 thoughts on “My Week Via Instagram

  1. Andrea

    I stumbled on your blog recently & I love it!

    All of your pictures from FIT make me want to change my major and come be your classmate :).

    You & your husband know how to do valentine’s right! sentimental for you, fun for him.

  2. Laura

    Hey sweetheart, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love living in NYC for sure! I also sometimes tend to forget how fantastic this city is 😉 That’s why I take all the pictures – to remind myself 😉 I love your shots as well! The Oxford shoes are pretty cool and … Congratulations to you and your adorable byfriend!
    Follow me if you like, maybe you get inspired 😉 xo from the Big Apple

  3. j.love

    Love love love your oxfords! I also recognize that swatch book and it just made me remember I have homework due tomorrow….oops. 🙂 Sounds like FIT and Parsons are both piling on the work 😉

  4. *Glam Chameleon*

    I can see u had fantastic week, like it lasted at least ten days, not seven!:D
    Thank u for your comment, u’re always welcome on my blog!! If u like we can eventually follow each other!:)


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