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The One Room Challenge

January 18, 2012

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in “The One Room Challenge” with fourteen other bloggers. The challenge is to re-do one room in our house for six weeks and share the progress as we go.


Husband teased me when I was asked to do this because we live in a studio apartment in NYC (aka a tiny apartment). He said “do they know you only have one room?” But that didn’t stop me from wanting to re-do a “side” of our 500 square foot apartment. So I accepted the challenge! How I ended up among all these talented interior designers I will never know, but this fashion designer was happy to join in on the fun!

I have actually been wanting to re-do our living room for quite some time but never could because of school and funds. So for Christmas most of my gifts had to do with gift cards to furniture stores and such. This was our living room when we moved in this past summer…


It was a hot mess. It took weeks just to organize it. Among all this chaos I decided I wanted to paint stripes (husband was not happy at the time, he wanted stuff to just be done). So all by myself I managed to pull this off…


After that things kind of came to a stop. Our room was far from what I wanted. Things I wanted to do:

Buy an ottoman.

New dresser (preferably an antique I could re-do) to put under the T.V.

Hang our T.V. on the wall (with NO wires showing!)

Make colorful/fun pattern pillows for our white couch. This place could use color.

Paint side wall that meets with the stripe wall, solid grey.

Buy new lamp for the living room.

And maybe a cute new throw blanket for the couch.

So after the holidays I went to work. First stop was shopping at IKEA for a lot of things I wanted. Luckily my mom and sister were in town at the time and helped me out a lot! (thanks girls!)

In NYC you have to take a free ferry to get to IKEA because it’s across the water in Brooklyn. It’s actually really fun. You pass the Statue of Liberty on the way so it’s a fun little adventure. I always love taking it.


Every Wednesday I will be blogging about the progress of my room. There are lots of fun things to see and DIY projects! I can’t wait to show you everything! Be sure to check out the other “One Room Challenge” ladies…

22 thoughts on “The One Room Challenge

  1. My Crafty Home-Life

    Taylor, you are the cutest thing! I think that the portrait of you,the homeless man made, should go in your room! No? By the way, thousands of people want to know how to work on a small space….way to go!

  2. Hannah

    So excited to see what you come up with, as well as with the rest of the ladies! I think your challenge will be especially interestin because of the smaller space you have to work with!

  3. Liz Brown

    I bet thats going to look great when its done!! My very favorite posts on everyones blogs, are the re-decorating and amazifying ones. 🙂 Work your magic!

  4. Jax

    LOL @ the Ikea comment. I live in NY and I usually head east to get to one. I can’t imagine lugging all my goods on a ferry. Oh wait, you have a man 😉 lol

    good luck with the project! I can’t wait to see the end result.

  5. Sandra

    That looks like so much fun! I love IKEA shopping. You are definitely inspiring me to do a room make over in our living room. Lovely blog!


  6. dutchbritishlove

    You are too cute and your blog is lovely! I love the stripes, can’t wait what else you end up doing with this corner!
    I love NYC – my sister lived there for 6 months a couple of years ago and I had so much fun visiting her! How fun that you take the ferry to IKEA and pass the Statue of Liberty. I live in Niagara Falls and when I go grocery shopping, we pass the Niagara Falls – which is also kind of funny!
    IKEA is great, I plan to get some of my things for my dining room there too. I am going for my driver’s test soon (at 29) and I’ve been telling people one of the first things I want to drive to is IKEA which is about 45 minutes away. Can’t wait!

  7. insideways

    Oh I love your tip about the As-Is section in Ikea. I didn’t know that!! I’m probably going to use a little Ikea in my room, so I’ll definitely use your tip. I LOVE the stripes you put on the wall. You clearly have awesome taste, so I’m super excited to see how this (side of the) room turns out!!!

  8. Elizabeth

    I am so excited for this challenge. We’re moving soon and I am obsessed with stripes. I was hoping yo9u would give tips on how to get your significant other to help, but I think I need to accept that it will be a one-woman job for me too.

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