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Barbie and Ken

August 12, 2011

Such a classic pair that we all loved when we were little girls. Well several months ago my girlfriend posted a Barbie silhouette on her facebook that she made in a computer program. I instantly wanted it for my bathroom but I wanted a Ken as well. She didn’t have Ken on her program so I decided to draw them myself. I have wanted to do this for months now and finally got around to it last night….


Aren’t they cute? They were the perfect pair to finish off our black and white retro bathroom. It was a really fun project and really easy. I just googled “barbie and ken silhouettes” and found ones similar to this (I changed Barbie a bit) and then I just drew them. If you aren’t an artist and want them let me know and I can help you out!


True love.


9 thoughts on “Barbie and Ken

  1. J.S. Dipad

    hi 🙂 i really need a ken silhouette for my daughter’s bday. i’ve been searching for a ken silhouette almost every day but can’t find a decent one. i hope you can help me out on this. may i borrow your ken silhouette?

  2. sunshine adkins

    OMG I have been looking for barbie & ken pictures for over a year. Last year I did a Barbie theme bedroom for my little girl. She loves it! It has been lacking pictures though, all the ones I have found, are way out of my price range. You are a genius!!!!!! Me, on the other hand, not so much. I can barely draw a stick person. lol
    Would you be so kind to please help me?!?!

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