Where to Spend, Where to Save!

July 20, 2011

When it comes to planning a wedding it can be expensive. But there are places you can give and take so that you don’t have to sacrifice what’s most important to you on your big day!
Spend it on:
  • Your dress!! Of course this would be my first priority as a designer. But it’s true. This is where you should not sacrifice anything because this is your day and you deserve to feel gorgeous. Plus it’s what will be in your pictures forever. 
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  • Photography. At the end of everything your left with your marriage and your photos! Don’t skimp on the photos because they are what you will look back at to remember your big day years from now. To save some money in this department don’t have your photographer print your photos. There are so many great DIY programs out there for things like this. One of my favorite wedding photography companies is About Love Studio. They have gorgeous photos with vibrant colors! I just love them!
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Save it on:
  • Your veil! This is where Taylor Morgan Design can really help you save! As a bridal consultant, I saw how overpriced veils were. After you spend so much on your dress the last thing you want to do is spend more money on a veil. Because I saw a need for this I createdTaylor Morgan Custom Veils. Veils are custom made for each bride. So not only is she getting exactly what she wants but it’s within her budget. Veils start at just $75! I may be bias but I know Taylor Morgan veils are the way to go!

  • Flowers. If you need more budget for your dress cut back a bit on your flowers. Trust me, the dress is much more important and people won’t remember the flowers. I had a friend do my flowers for my wedding and it saved a lot of money. Plus she did a great job! Don’t over spend here, it’s a waste of money.

  • Your cake. Cupcakes are all the craze right now and are more affordable than a fancy cake. A lot of brides are doing a “dummy” cake with only the top layer being “real” for them to cut for pictures. Then cupcakes are passed out. My cousin just did something like this at her wedding last month and it was so cute and yummy!

Happy Planning!

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