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this is the move that never ends

June 17, 2011

yes it goes on and on my friends! We started our drive two weeks ago yesterday and we are still homeless. We had an apartment then backed out of it because they wanted extra money since we are from out of town. No thank you greedy people. Now after a full week of looking again at apartments we have applied to another. We find out no later than Tuesday. In the mean time we have had to unload ALL our stuff into a storage unit because we couldn’t keep our truck any longer and then we will have to load it all back up to move it into the city. Ah, such is life my friends. But how much can I really complain?! I am living my dream in NYC!! Despite the chaos I already love it. Which means it can only get better!

Luckily this weekend we are escaping away to a much needed mini vacation to Washington DC for my cousin’s wedding! We have never been and are so excited to go. Hopefully we will come home to good news that we got the apartment! Hope all is well with everyone, I feel so out of touch with you all from this move. I will be back soon! I hope!
Much love.

4 thoughts on “this is the move that never ends

  1. Jerilyn

    Wow, what a long process! It’ll all work out though, and it will be one of those fun stories to tell your kids. 🙂 Here’s hoping the other Apt works out! Love you guys, have a good time in DC its such a beautiful place!

  2. Miss Amy

    I have been in the same spot….moving to a big, unknown city. Apt falls through, truckload of my life has to go in storage. It is painful, but you’re right: it will only get better!! The right landlord is out there with a beautiful home for you! 🙂 I’ve heard if you can conquer the living situation in NYC, all else will be cake! Enjoy DC!

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