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June 9, 2011

Moving does crazy things to you. After a while you feel like you are losing your mind. Not having your own bed to sleep in, with your perfectly organized closet and kitchen to make whatever you want whenever you want sucks. I will be back to normal soon. As soon as we get moved into our apartment here in NYC.
In the meantime we have been staying at my Aunt’s house this week while we are waiting to get approved for our apartment. With my luck her internet has been down the past few days, aka Taylor can’t watch The Bachelorette on hulu. I have been DYING to watch this past Monday’s episode, Bentley you make for great TV. I reached my boiling point last night and attempted to be I.T. girl all of the sudden. Sad to report that my efforts failed.

Don’t worry. I got my Bachelorette on today. Husband and I did drive around in our huge Penske truck until we found internet somewhere and we did watch it in the truck for two hours. That’s what you do when you have nothing else to do. Productive day. And Ashley, you really need to wake up and see JP is the man for you!
I will catch everyone up on our journey soon (SO many stories to tell!). I have to go. Husband and I are still in the Penske truck parked at CVS for internet. He’s getting impatient! He’s put up with a lot today with the Bachelorette and all. Much love!

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