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May 26, 2011

This week has been a very productive week! Don’t you just love it when you are on a roll with things? My week started off with Amina from Some Like it Classic calling me late Sunday night requesting my dress Ronde De Jambe for a photo shoot in Arizona. (Special thanks to my girlfriend Tiffani for suggesting Taylor Morgan to Amina!) So I spent my Sunday night running to my storage unit before it closed and getting the dress all ready for the shoot!

(in husband’s clothes, don’t judge. it was late!)

I was asked over a year ago if I would design and make costumes for a play in Greece. With us moving to NYC and me being in school I actually turned it down because I didn’t want the stress of production for such a big project while I was in school. However they asked me if I would still design the costumes if they took my sketches to a production company. I agreed and just started working on the designs. Husband caught me late night sketching…

It’s actually pretty fascinating. The play is a true story that takes place in Greece and tells the tragic tale of the Elgin Marbles. I am still learning the details of the story myself but it is fun to be designing for real people in history. I love history and learning new things.

Just a week away from our move to the Big Apple! I just can’t wait! Husband officially has a job as a web designer in the financial district. We are thrilled!


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