Well Done

April 29, 2011

Not much needs to be said. Kate looked picture perfect. I knew so many peoples predictions were wrong, she never would have worn strapless. It is so refreshing to see something that is not strapless. Thank you for that Kate. You were stunning and I know I will be hearing people ask for a dress like yours!


4 thoughts on “Well Done

  1. Alisha

    Her dress is classic and stunning. She is gorgeous. Love Sara Burton’s style of design.

    Taylor, you’re gonna be up there one day too!!


  2. Miss Amy

    Thank you for posting this. I didn’t stay up to watch, so I love the close up shots you chose! You definitely have another beautiful dress to use as inspiration now for your very own gorgeous creations 🙂 I love the long sleeve lace, such a classic look.

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