Important Interview = Important Dress

April 7, 2011

Why is it when I actually need to buy a dress I can’t find what I am looking for any where?! However, when I shouldn’t be shopping I find everything under the sun. Any one else ever have this problem?

I have an interview I am particularly excited about. Remember when I told you I received an exciting phone call? It was the VP from the one and only Kleinfelds calling me! Or as most know it as “Say Yes to the Dress.” See this clearly calls for a new dress. I am interviewing for a bridal consultant position at the store. It would be so fun to work there!

Here’s the problem, I know exactly what I want in my head. I thought I would be able to find something like it but it’s impossible with everything summery coming out right now. I might just have to make it but to be perfectly honest I just don’t have the time with us moving out of our apartment on the 14th and we leave on the 16th for NYC. Any help ladies? I want something black or grey. I would even settle on an off white/beige. These are things I like but don’t have the budget for…

All dress are by Victoria Beckham. I just love her. I have been a fan since her Spice Girl days. Now I am a bigger fan than ever. If only my budget could afford these beauties. Any ideas ladies? Suggestions greatly appreciated! I want to go into this interview with a great dress! I will keep you posted on how the interview goes. Looking forward to it!

17 thoughts on “Important Interview = Important Dress

  1. Courtney

    Taylor!! How exciting good luck girl I would go to you can “visually shop” I always go there when I am looking for something specific but have no idea where to find it! There you can look up a specific Victoria Beckham dress you love and it will show you ones that are similar but not necessarily as pricey! Hope that helps!

  2. Miss Amy

    I love a structured piece. In the row of 4, I love the far right. I also love the grey 2 piece suit VB is wearing with the flared top hem. Beautiful. You could totally rock any of these! Good luck and I’M EXCITED FOR YOU!

  3. Blair and Katie

    You look great in anything! I’m so proud of you on getting into school. We need to come visit you in New York. I’m so jealous you are going to have a blast. You need to meet Avery! 🙂

  4. carol

    Sounds exciting! Check out nordstrom, they may have something similar. Their ‘Adriana papell shutter pleat matte jersey’ dress has a similar cut to one of the dresses you show. Good Luck!

  5. Jenae @ Wildflower

    Wahoo!! That is so exciting!! Ya I would definitely check out nordstroms or Dillards both have great selections on dresses…I haven’t looked recently but even Express? Good luck in your search I will keep my eyes open while I do my window shopping online also 🙂 and let ya know if i find anything 😉

  6. Tara

    I get so excited for you about every little thing because your life is so many things I always thought would be amazing to do! Can we trade for like a week? 🙂
    Have you tried It’s absolutely my fav and you could get it express delivered!
    What about this: (more pricey but CUTE) (good name on this one!)

    Sorry! SO MANY CHOICES! That’s what happens when I search my fav site with 29 pages of amazingness!

    Go check it out! I promise it will probably help!


  7. kittykerri

    I’m sure if I could may myself a dress and I had your talent I’d make myself a dress everytime I needed one. At leas you know it’ll fit perfectly & be exactly what you want! =)

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