Half Way to New York!

April 11, 2011

I have been and will continue to be MIA while we finish our move this week. I thought we had most of our stuff packed but it’s all the little things that get you! I hate moving. And this is only our mid move. We are temporarily staying with friends (since our lease is up) until we move move to NYC in June. The only thing that made me happy about spending the past 72 hours packing was when my husband said “This means we are half way to New York!” I love the sound of that!My cutting table has to come down tonight. I feel like I am losing a limb. I have veils and clothes to make and am working as fast as I can before my favorite/most used table goes into storage. So much to do and so little time before we go to NYC Saturday through Wednesday. Can’t wait to be done moving, sewing and in the city!

Happy Monday everyone!!


5 thoughts on “Half Way to New York!

  1. Alisha

    This is so exciting, yet I know how moving can be frustrating. Good luck packing everything and with the move!! Just think, before you know it, you’ll be in NYC and back to designing like you were before!


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